Why are so many celebrities bisexual?

Lets see we got Lady Gaga, Fergie, Angelina Jolie, Modonna, Vanessa Carlton, Christina Agulara, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and a bunch more that's just naming some off top of my head. Why is this?


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  • i think its weird that people say they are bisexual and yet they are only dating opposite gender. Same as people who say they are bi but only date same sex. Cause to me being bi is that you date both men and women. I think a lot of people confuse sexual attration with admiration for some that happen to have the same gender as you. I can think a woman is pretty or have nice hair or whatever doesn't make me sexually attracted to her or make me wanna date her.

    • thanks for best answer :D

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  • well I mean there's a lot of celebrities so of course there's bound to be some who aren't just straight

  • Simple: Girls are Hot.

    • 20% bisexual is WAYYYY high much less than that.

    • show us your facts that "women are hot" because most women are straight.

    • ok, show us the facts to your inconclusive statement

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  • girls are fun, boys are fun :) sometimes you feel like haviing fun with one over the other, sometimes you don't.

    • true

    • doesn't mean she has to be bi because I would leave her.

    • well that's great :)

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  • Its just what's "in" its just like getting a tattoo your not cool unless you have one type thing. I personally find it wrong.

    • Bisexuality is a form of sexual orientation. It's like saying that its unique to be gay which quite frankly it isn't. People are who they are and you would be surprised to know that in 2007 over 20% of American men and women came out as bisexual. It's not what's "in".

  • Personally I think all people in general are bi. It's just whether you want to admit it or not. I think it's easier for women to come out in society because it's generally more accepted.

    • girl crushes can just be admiration just like man crushes has nothing to do with being bi.

    • Yes, CallaLily that is what I meant. You can like a female at any point in time. I'm not saying that you're gonna marry her or kiss her or anything but everyone gets girl crushes.

    • I think what you mean is everyone has the ability to be attracted to/ fall in love with anyone/ either gender, and it's whether you go for it or not, or admit it or not which makes you bi. I guess? I've been attracted to a girl before/ kissed a girl but I'd never date a girl.

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  • trendy I suppose

  • J lo isn't bi. And why do you care so much?

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  • publicity, any way these actresses/models can publicize themselves they will, I bet half of them ain't even bisexual they just do it for the coverage in the papers and news ect

  • All girls are bisexual to some degree

    • if a guy claims he is straight but f***s guys up the ass weekly till he makes his mind up but doesn't want to date those guys... he isn't straight. Its no different with girls

    • Yes it does because it makes them more curious.

    • Not willing to date a girl doesn't make you any less bisexual

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  • How many celebrities are there? I am pretty sure even if they are "that many" they are still in the very minority. That said I believe that most people are more or less bisexual.

  • Notice how every single one of those celebrities you mentioned...is a girl. Girls just tend to be more open when it comes to that

  • its trendy & gets ratings/attention/money.most really arent.

  • they probably aren't. it's just bullsh*t marketing in an attempt to be shocking.

  • Attention.

  • Can you imagine a threesome with Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz? Schwingggggggg

    • Says the sad little man from his parents basement

    • oh yeah 2 ~40 year olds that's hot...no thanks

  • Because it is considered cool to be a female bisexual and it helps to sell records.

    • and all those "bi" females end up marrying a man anyways. funny how that works.