Should I tell my best friend I slept with the guy she likes?

So one of my BEST FRIENDS liked this guy for a couple months, but then she met another guy at a party who she started to like more. And since we're both single, she decided to give me the guy she used to like's number and told me to meet him because she was into another guy. So him and I met and we... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • If she gave you his number then what you did is fair enough. She can't just expect to bounce around just because one guy didn't like her. With that being said if you two are really friends you should tell her and she shouldn't be mad at you at all. It doesn't sound like anyone in this situation was seriously involved. If she gets mad that is sort of immature to me. I wouldn't give any of my friends some girls number unless I really didn't care about her and in that case if they did sleep with her I wouldn't be mad(I would want some details).