Should I tell my best friend I slept with the guy she likes?

So one of my BEST FRIENDS liked this guy for a couple months, but then she met another guy at a party who she started to like more. And since we're both single, she decided to give me the guy she used to like's number and told me to meet him because she was into another guy. So him and I met and we ended up sleeping together... but now the new guy my best friend met is ignoring her and she says she's going back to liking the other guy... who I had just slept with. She is one of my best friends and she wants me to try and help set her up with him... but how can I? Should I tell her? I don't like the guy or anything, and I think he knows it was just a hookup, but how do ii tell my friend? HELP!


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  • If she gave you his number then what you did is fair enough. She can't just expect to bounce around just because one guy didn't like her. With that being said if you two are really friends you should tell her and she shouldn't be mad at you at all. It doesn't sound like anyone in this situation was seriously involved. If she gets mad that is sort of immature to me. I wouldn't give any of my friends some girls number unless I really didn't care about her and in that case if they did sleep with her I wouldn't be mad(I would want some details).


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  • In what way, exactly, would telling your friend help her? Or the guy, for that matter.

    Keep your mouth shut. You can only do damage.

  • you don't have to tell her squat

  • yea you should def tell her

    and she will find out eventually and she'll be more hurt that way

    and ur "BEST FRIENDS" you can tell her ANYTHING

    so I think you should tell her

    i really don't think she would be mad

    probably a bit but not like I'm never talking to you again

    just a bit mad

    but she doesn't really have one

    cause she said he's all urs and you took ur chance and

    it was just bad timing


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  • Why she keeps going back in forth , what is she going to do next find another guy and tell you can have the other one you recently chatted with back. If the guy you are with now is interested in you , than you should tell her in a nice way " look were both interested in each other " you don't have to tell her that ya slept with each other because its none of her business that's between you and him

  • it'll break her heart, but she deserves to know. you might not be friends for much longer though.

  • You probably should, she'd find out eventually anyway. The sooner the better. Just tell her you thought she was over him and wouldn't have done it if you'd known otherwise.

  • yes definitely because you don't want it to blow up really big in the long run and she finds out from someone else after all she is your best friend

  • You have to just come right out and tell her. It would be dick if you didn't. Though if I was her, that's something I would ask you considering I 'let you have him.'