Do most men want to marry virgins?

okay so men want sex... it seems all the time and will do all sorts of things to get a woman in bed with him but when it comes to marriage and serious relationships what he wants in a wife or girlfriend... does he want a virgin, an innocent female who has never been with another man and for him to be her first? Or is he willing to be with a woman who knows how to do the deed and do it well? I feel like there is not win her for women... were prudes if we wait and where whores if we give it out. If there is an in between then where is it?

i was asking for what you would want as a man do you want to marry a virgin? or do you not want a virgin? or you don't care?

Most Helpful Guy

  • No. I'm a virgin at almost 25. And I want an experienced girl who will totally corrupt me and make me whimper. (Is that hypocritical of me?)