1/2 teen "girls" get sexualy molested or abused in canada. is this a load of crap or not?

I heard a disturbing "fact" on a TV add that 1/2 teen & preteen girls get molested or sexually abused in Canada. personally I can't believe that. it disgusts me to think that sort of thing is common place in Canada and I want to get some "real facts"

PS: if it's that high for girls does that mean boys are that high too?

boys do get sexually molested but people talk about it even less than when it happens to girls because most people think "who would want to" which is messed up.

I know this question is personal so you can answer anonymously, I want to know where people are from and if they or anyone they know have been abused or molested in any way because I think and hope the commercial is "fake" and it outrages me to think they could get away with a "statistic" like that.

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I could have worded my question better but I don't think all of these stats are women going around making up they've been raped I just think it makes Canada look bad and HOPE it's not true. if it is true I want to see if there's anything I can do about it, donate money to someone or raise awareness about it. if it's less than 1/2 like 1/3 or 1/4 than they should state the real facts and explain how they got them.
here's a link that was given to me link forms of sexual assault are most common. (81%) of self-reported sexual assault incidents took the form of unwanted sexual touching while sexual attacks accounted for approximately one in 5 incidents (19%)

1 in 10 coming to the attention of police.steady decline in offences coming to the attention of law enforcement which I think is quite sad.


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  • One time on yonge street a guy asked me for help with a map then groped me when I looked at the map. I just walked away. Technically that's considered sexual assault under Canadian law.

    Under the strictest definition of sexual assault I imagine more then 1/2 of girls have been sexually assaulted.

    this isn't to minimize being groped or to downplay the many kids who have suffered much more serious abuse often on an ongoing basis.

    I just don't know how to interpret statistics like the one given without knowing what they mean.

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      thank you for your answer. my main goal is to find out where I can get stats or find out how they get their stats also if I can't I would like to gather up the information for myself.

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      Stats like this are actually quite difficult to collect.

      If you want to see some crazy range of stats try looking up prison rape in the United States. Some data suggests more men are raped in prison then women are raped outside it. And of course they don't tend to be single incidents.

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      that prison rape stat could be a way of deter people from committing crime. I'm sure prison rape is higher than out of prison but having it that high would definitely scare people from committing crimes that could end them up in jail.