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Is it true that big guys...?

who are big and fat or even like muscular big tend to have a small dingaling and skinny scrawny guys have the shlongs? because I could use mine as a... Show More

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  • Not necessarily. It seriously varies in my experience, and I've been with both body types. Most guys of any body type will be about average. Some bigger guys may have some fat padding their pubic bone that makes their penis LOOK smaller than it is, but you can tell their true size when you actually get physical with them, because that fat is soft, it 'squishes down', for lack of better terms, haha. I actually kind of like that better, in that us both having a little bit of fat there, slamming pubic bones together when things get rough isn't painful.

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  • Yeah no that's not true, you can't judge the size of a guys shlongs based on what thy look like. A big one couls come from anyone, skinny or fat or hot and muscular :)

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  • It might be optical. A 7" penis looks differently on a sumowrestler than on a skinny midget.

    Generally, body height has the best correlation with penis size. That does not mean that every tall guy has a big one and every short guy has small one but, on average penises get bigger if guys are bigger.

  • Only if you could tell the size of a woman's vagina by external features.. ah well. I think the same is true for men.

  • Wouldn't surprise me if it looks that way, simply beacause the same length looks smaller in comparison to a large guy as to a skinny one. Optical illusion!

  • it's 30 pounds or something an inch.. Apparently the fat can hide a lot, idk..

  • I think that only happens with bodybuilders that use steroids, it shrinks their penis loads.

    • Excessive use of steroids causes hypogonadism. It only shrinks the balls, not the penis.

  • All the boys I've been with have big cocks, and they've all been skinny and scrawny. Maybe there is something to it, I dunno... I'm skinny and scrawny though, and I've got a small dingaling

  • from what I heard it's because some how the penis can't stick out as far because something to do with the fat. I'm not sure how it works but it might depend on where the guy is fat and lot's of other things.

    using it as a kick stand isn't a good idea. someone might kick it out from underneath you and make you fall on your face.

  • Ha no man you are wrong sorry

  • No that's not true

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