Why do you think it's more acceptable for women to experiment with bisexuality versus men experimenting with it

Just a question I've been curious about I men some females kiss each other to get guys attention but two guys would never kiss each other to get a women's attention.

I mean most women will admit to sleeping with other women whether it was once or a phase but either guys are not experimenting with bisexuality or they will never talk about.


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  • Love this question, and waiting to see the answers. I know I sure couldn't answer it with any accuracy.

    Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that almost every porn movie has some sort of girl/girl action in it, and they are so widely viewed it has made it more normal for girls. I know there are gay guy/guy movies available, but unless you are into that life seldom would you see the movie, whereas the standard porn movies are watched by an enormous amout of people.

    Just a theory

    • Yeah it seems like most men love seeing two women together so maybe that's why it's more accepted. I know most guys wouldn't have a problem knowing there girl has been with a girl before but I think most girls not all would have a problem knowing their man has been with men before. I'm curious no men have responded yet. lol

    • I think the guys are speechless, don't have a clue as what to say! Bet there is a bunch of them watching this question thou!!! LOL

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  • i agree that society is more accepting of a female experimenting with bisexuality. while I really have no idea why, my guess is that it has something to do with a number of factors, including (i) the generally accepted male/female role in sexual relationships - that is, men are typically considered to be the hunter and women the hunted and more vulnerable, (ii) the general view that the body of a women is much more beautiful than that of a man and (iii) the stigma (whether right or wrong) associated with being a gay male - which is what many people would believe if a man were to experiment with other men. personally, I have experimented with other men and I love it. I am bi and see no problem with men experimenting with other men. the extent of my experimentation does not involve kissing though. it is not so much the man I am interested in as what the man has.

    • I'm curious the girls that you date do you let them know you are bi and enjoy having sex with other guys? and if you were to meet a girl you wanted to marry would you leave all guys alone? I have a friend who is bi she has had sex with a lot of girls and she has been in relationships with them as well but she is constantly talking about settling down and marrying a man.

  • You girls are lying! You just want men to engage in anal sex in one big joke.


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  • guys just don't talk about because it isn't acceptable to sociaty yet. doesn't mean they don't do it.

  • two guys kissing would definitely get my attention, I think its hot.

    • I don't know but I get more turned on watching two girls kiss than two guys I consider myself straight but I just do.