What does the bible say about being Gay or lesbian?

Are you going to hell?


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  • if you realize it is wrong, and you stop this act.. you won't go to hell. otherwise you will.

    before anyone starts grumping at me about this, when God created Adam and Eve in the garden.

    they lived perfectly, there was no sin. Satan in form of a snake came upon Eve and convinced her to eat from the forbidden fruit that (God told them not to eat from). Satan told her that if she ate the fruit, she would be like God, which was a lie. For them eating from the fruit, God sent them away from the garden, because they both disobeyed God. and now they were no longer sinless.

    God does say in the Bible that it is wrong to sleep with the same sex. It was never meant to be like that. God made it so a man could be with a woman.

    I do believe it is wrong. you can hate me all you want for standing up for my God.

    but, at least I know where I am going.

    read the Bible and study it, others will say that you won't go to hell. but, I think they skipped the story of sodom and gomorrah! where it clearly says that God hates that act.

    hope this helps!

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      I admire you for standing up for your beliefs.HOWEVER, if you want to get technical you can't say "i know where I'm going" because no one does.God said, "thou shall not judge" and yes I judge all of us do.we all look and someone and we're like "oh no ma'am go home and change"or something but as far as getting into heaven and hell?there's only one person that can judge that and, in my belief, that's God.i believe it was very unfair that you judged that person.i don't think you meant to but you did

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      Genenowok, they aren't born like that. it's THEIR CHOICE. God gave us the free will to our choices, because then why would we have bisexuals? why do some people drink but some people don't like it? again it goes to it is OUR choice to like and dislike and to be or not to be.

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      Lol misskiss you just judged her as well...

      Jenlovee - Yes, you are on the right path, I'm happy for you!

      Gene - you can't be born homosexual... seriously.

      like the other person said, it's free will. we just have to decide in the end whether we want to spend eternity with God or in hell.