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Can a gay guy like a girl, or even possibly love her?

ok, my gay friend, is amazing, he's so sweet and thoughtful, we have only known each other for a few months, and there just seems to be something... Show More

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  • See what happens.

    I don't believe he loves you in the way you want him to love you, but he seems to love you well enough.

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  • Three possibilities.

    1) He's really gay and you're just over analyzing.

    2) He's actually bi.

    3) He's actually straight (OMG) but to get close to you he pretended to be gay (WTF?).

  • Ditto what SpearMint said, but I think his first guess is correct.

    This guy is gay gay gay -- he's a sweet guy, and he loves you as a caring, good friend. But he's probably gay. So to protect your heart, proceed as if he's off-limits for serious dating.

  • He might actually be bi.

    Or he might just love you in a platonic way--think will and grace.

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