Any weird condom stories?

i have plenty of weird stories but here's the weirdest one... any one else got any ok so my boyfriend an I were having sex and its really almost impossible for me to be pregnant because I hadn't ovulated yet and I had just gotten over my period OK but so we had sex and we always use condoms it... Show More

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  • I had to see my new girlfriend I was late and in a hurry, I bought a pack of condoms from a vending machine, we were in my car and it was dark, I took the condom and try to put it on my penis but it didn't stay on, turned on the light..."XL condoms" written on the box...very embarassing lol

    • lmao!

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    • That's good, I was only joking :) I'm sure your boyfriend is much bigger than me lol

    • i just added you lol pm me