Any weird condom stories?

i have plenty of weird stories but here's the weirdest one... any one else got any

ok so my boyfriend an I were having sex and its really almost impossible for me to be pregnant because I hadn't ovulated yet and I had just gotten over my period OK but so we had sex and we always use condoms it doesn't matter when we always do and he came in me like always... and well the condom was GONE and I was like f*** did it break... its broken b4 but I always feel it... but exactly 24house after we finished I went pee and I wiped and there was a condom... I know it sounds far fetched but its true lol anyone else got any weird stories


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  • I had to see my new girlfriend I was late and in a hurry, I bought a pack of condoms from a vending machine, we were in my car and it was dark, I took the condom and try to put it on my penis but it didn't stay on, turned on the light..."XL condoms" written on the box...very embarassing lol

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      That's good, I was only joking :) I'm sure your boyfriend is much bigger than me lol

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      i just added you lol pm me