What does this cuddling mean?

I cuddle with this guy at least a few times a week and we've done this for a couple of months. The cuddling consists of spooning, intertwining of legs, hand holding, rubbing each others backs, playing with my hair, hugging, etc. However, this guy hasn't really tried to make a move yet, not even a kiss. I think he may either be really innocent, not attracted to me like that, and possibly not into women. But the cuddling feels like more than just friends...any ideas? Guys what would it mean if you did this with a girl?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He sounds like a newbie and doesn't know how to make the next step.

    It's true, most everyone loves to cuddle. But usually we only like cuddling with people we want to be intimate with.

    You should bring something up, it can be something as direct as "So Ben, when are you going to kiss me?"

    Boom. he's gonna be alllll over them lips.