What are your thoughts on kim k's pregnancy?

so what do you think of kanye west & kim k on expecting their 1st child?


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  • The birth of her child will probably be televised and put in the spotlight like every other aspect of Kim Kardashian. When I hear about her and her new relationships and what not, I think about Kris and how it must make him feel that someone he loved filed for divorce and announced it to a worldwide audience of STRANGERS before having the decency and respect to tell him. That's so tacky and that says a lot about what kind of female she is. Then she further more tried to make him look like an ass to salvage the tackiness of her actions.

    I think Kim K is a narcissist. She appears to have developed her personality around image and how people view her. I also think it's very stupid to be going into motherhood in the spotlight. Can you imagine that? Putting your pregnancy and possibly the birth of your child on film for everyone to watch? It's a little disgusting and very stupid imo because there are child predators and molestors out there who can get a good look at your kid because you put all of your business out there.

    • For some reason, I feel like her pregnancy/birth will be overshadowed by Kate and Will's baby LOL although the birth of Kourtney's kid was the most televised episode on E

    • I agree P.L.C.! Maybe it's just me being a private person, but I think it's stupid putting every aspect of your life on display for the public to judge and have so much knowledge on. Kate and Will kind of have to because they're royalty, but doing it so that you can get a paycheck just seems "selling your soul-ish"

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  • Kim K is a hot mess. I wish she would spend as much effort on getting her life together as she does on her makeup! I think she's a bad role model for young women. As famous as she is, she could make a positive difference, but instead chooses to act like an idiot. Basically, shame on her parents.

    • I meant to up. At first I thought you where calling her hot.

  • I'm about as thrilled as I was for her wedding.

    That is, couldn't care less. It's a shame those two are reproducing, but I guess we can't really stop it, can we?

    Is there actually a baby? Or is she going to announce she "lost" it in a few weeks?

  • Who gives a sh*t? A woman who's famous for being famous is having a child so what!

  • Kim should fall down a set of stairs...

    ...or 17...

  • I am eagerly awaiting the day when people will stop talking about it ... but sadly I doubt that will happen for many years.

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  • It brings hope and cheer to my dreery little life. After all, it is possible she could die giving birth.

    • Actually, I was only joking. I wish her and whatever little mongoloid oaf she whelps out all the best.

  • I don't care.

  • genetically speaking, this will probably be the douchiest baby born in human history.

  • Two awful role models as parents.

  • Stop giving these people attention they don't deserve.

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