What are your thoughts on kim k's pregnancy?

so what do you think of kanye west & kim k on expecting their 1st child?


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  • The birth of her child will probably be televised and put in the spotlight like every other aspect of Kim Kardashian. When I hear about her and her new relationships and what not, I think about Kris and how it must make him feel that someone he loved filed for divorce and announced it to a worldwide audience of STRANGERS before having the decency and respect to tell him. That's so tacky and that says a lot about what kind of female she is. Then she further more tried to make him look like an ass to salvage the tackiness of her actions.

    I think Kim K is a narcissist. She appears to have developed her personality around image and how people view her. I also think it's very stupid to be going into motherhood in the spotlight. Can you imagine that? Putting your pregnancy and possibly the birth of your child on film for everyone to watch? It's a little disgusting and very stupid imo because there are child predators and molestors out there who can get a good look at your kid because you put all of your business out there.

    • I agree P.L.C.! Maybe it's just me being a private person, but I think it's stupid putting every aspect of your life on display for the public to judge and have so much knowledge on. Kate and Will kind of have to because they're royalty, but doing it so that you can get a paycheck just seems "selling your soul-ish"

    • For some reason, I feel like her pregnancy/birth will be overshadowed by Kate and Will's baby LOL although the birth of Kourtney's kid was the most televised episode on E

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  • 1st thought: some lucky child! She will always have everything she needs and more with two millionaire parents. Kim K is tacky and self-absorbed imo, but I can't deny she's savvy for building a financial empire after something so shameful happened *leaked sex tape*. Her child can learn a lot from a business perspective.

    Next: just doesn't seem like it will work out. They both seem way too obsessed with themselves and their image. Kim will probably prolong the relatioinship to keep up the "fairy tale" image she's built for the public. But I wouldn't be surprised if five years at most from now, we hear about some nasty break-up and Kim trying to get millions.

  • Who gives a rat's ass about this she is an utalented skank and he is a no good low life scum

  • Who gives a sh*t? A woman who's famous for being famous is having a child so what!

  • Kim should fall down a set of stairs...

    ...or 17...

  • I think its sad...because she and kanye in my opinion are hot messes.How can you date someone that developed interest in you after seeing your explicit sex tape?But what's really sad is that I am quite sure they will break up SOON.And Kim will continue her endless quest for love,giving her honeypot to any and everyone as USUAL...except she will have a child.And that child will experience having two married parents.

    • LOL @honeypot

      Women need to respect themselves. #coochiekingdom.

  • wth. had no idea. good for them if they are happy. that's going to be one spoiled ass kid.

  • I'm happy for her.

  • Kanye and her make a really odd couple. I know she's always wanted a baby so congrats, but she's still married so just all bad to me.

  • I feel sorry for it already and it's only an embryo!

  • I'm happy for her.

  • I am eagerly awaiting the day when people will stop talking about it ... but sadly I doubt that will happen for many years.

  • Oh 2 people I don't know are having a baby...wait give me a minute so I can pretend like I give a s***

  • It's great people in love

  • i feel bad for the kid she's a horrible role model.

  • Too ridiculous to be true but who cares anyway? I got my own sh*t going on...

  • never gave it a 2nd thought

  • I do not think that the couple is ready to take on the struggles of pregnancy this early in their relationship. They should've waited a bit longer, at least until they were engaged.

  • It's so 2012...

  • I think they should have waited.. but our opinions aren't really needed or matter on this subject aha : )

  • omg ... they are both nasty... I feel bad for kids these days.

  • I don't give a f***

  • This question was asked previously and then it was removed by the moderators I think.

    Why the moderators choose to remove questions like this yet allow a lot of other garbage on this site I will never understand.

  • first thought I feel bad for the child I don't think she's a good role model for someone to grow up admiring

    She shouldn't have kids

  • Complete mess.


  • When did this happen? I had no idea, don't really keep up with the kardashians.

  • I'm about as thrilled as I was for her wedding.

    That is, couldn't care less. It's a shame those two are reproducing, but I guess we can't really stop it, can we?

    Is there actually a baby? Or is she going to announce she "lost" it in a few weeks?

  • There's less qualified people in this world who have children

    She hasn't made the best decisions and choices, but there are some sh*tty, broke, abusive folks in this world who have children...

    But I think her pregnancy and birth of the child will be overshadowed by the royal baby. People are more stoked about that than Kim. Supposedly her popularity went down after she separated from Kris...she doesn't get invited to as many club appearances and whatnot

  • I think of snooki she was a drunk and everyone was worried about her and het pregnancy and she seems to really made a 360 turn around and seems like she is actually doing well for herself and her son. I will give Kim the benefit of doubt until I see otherwise..

  • Behold! She spawns!

  • I don't give a solitary f***

  • i didn't even know they were together. I feel sorry for the kid. who wants to grow up knowing that their mom became someone via a sex tape and is most known for her ass? and who wants to see countless videos of their dad being a public menace? the kid will probably explode from being so self-involved and narcissistic.

  • Didn't realize she was pregnant until reading this post...Sorry I was too busy living my own fantastic life.

  • Who cares...

  • hahahahaha




  • Another baby will soon be born into the world. Congratulations on the little bundle of joy!

  • Its cute, they'll have lovely half chocolate and vanilla babies lol

  • I honestly don't care. I use to like the family and would watch the show the first few seasons but now I realize how stupid and pathetic the majority of them are and honestly just don't give a damn. The only Kardashian that I have ever liked is Khloe, and considering she has been trying for a while with no luck then I would at least be happy if it were her that were pregnant. Kim or Kourtney... not so much.

  • Who gives a f*ck? The parents shouldn't be parents. That baby is going to need a lot of good luck to be honest.

  • money money money money...moneyyyyyy(8)

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  • I dislike Kim Kardashian (and Kanye) and don't really care about her whole pregnancy fiasco, but damn, some of the comments here are pretty shocking. Hoping for her or her kid to die, what the f*ck man? Where am I?

  • Two awful role models as parents.

  • Thanks for telling me. Two people have sex and come out with a baby. Lemme guess? The baby is cute.

  • I really don't give a damn.

  • I didn't know she was capable of reproducing.

  • He going to sacrifice it in his satanic rituals. LOLZ

  • She had sex, not too hard to come to grips with.

  • I don't care.

  • she made a terrible mistake. no idea what she was thinking getting pregnant with him. its only gonna end bad...

  • genetically speaking, this will probably be the douchiest baby born in human history.

  • Since you asked, I really don't like him!

    I hope she has Quin Quad-Quintuplets if there is such a thing & spits out babies every hr for a week. I would love to see that useless prick KWs over inflated lips drop to the floor, not that they got far to go, they are practically dragging as they are now. It's beyond me how he manages to actually form words with those things. Maybe that's why he needs to use a voice altering Mike

    Even better if they all came out as big assed hermaphrodites. Then there might actually be some talent in that family once they all get trained & are old enough to learn the words to the song "Hot cross buns". At least it would be more bearable to listen to then that mess he's passing off as music now.

    As for her, she turned to trash the second she let it touch her.

    That's my lite version on my thoughts. What I really think involves a hand grenade, adult diapers, a dbl barreled shotgun & duct tape & would be a little too graphic to write here.

  • I care more about what the high temp is in Moscow today than I do about Kim's pregnancy.

    • Why thank you. Does this mean I have to start caring about Kim's pregnancy now? :)

    • currently 31 with freezing rain. high of 32

  • I love butterscotch

  • ...

  • Well I guess we can say "at least the baby doesn't have to get famous the same way she did". But I have feeling the baby will grow up to do exactly that

  • Like, I don't care.

  • It brings hope and cheer to my dreery little life. After all, it is possible she could die giving birth.

    • Actually, I was only joking. I wish her and whatever little mongoloid oaf she whelps out all the best.

  • Dunno, don't care.

  • Stop giving these people attention they don't deserve.

  • I hope that they become good parents and turn out to be good rolemodels for their kid regardless of any bad or controversial decisions they have made in their pasts.

  • Attention all men! We have reports that the demon-gods of hell are breeding a horde of hellspawn offspring. Man your battlestations! Scramble the jets! Retrieve the plasma cannon! They're gonna come at us from all sides. Take 'em out before they reach civilization, or humanity is done for!

    ... I think they'll be OK parents, given their wealth and all. They'll make a lot of stupid parenting mistakes, but their money will ensure the kid grows up in a good environment.

    • i said the same thing