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Why are women so prude?

always acting like showing/receiving sexual interest is a crime. such as always using speeches as "yuck!, that is nasty!, I'm not a slut!, etc". but... Show More

sorry peeps, I met to ask...

"why do women act so prude?"

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  • It depends how it's expressed. Sexual attention gets put in a negative light because it's often portrayed in rude ways like catcalling, or in a very offensive and vulgar way. No joke, as I was walking down the sidewalk one day a guy said, "Hey baby, I'd like to get in between those legs." It was uninvited, it felt intrusive, and it made me uncomfortable. Another guy went as far as to take a picture of my crotch, show it to me, and then tell me he was gonna jerk off to it that night. Thoroughly creeped me out to the point that I was shaking--it was just so violating!However, if a stranger expressed in a KIND and RESPECTFUL way that they thought I was attractive, I'd be okay with that. Such as "Hey, that color looks really sexy on you." or something like that. But not in an intimidating and leering fashion, in a sincere complimentary fashion. I hope this answered your question? If I didn't tell you exactly what you wanted to know I'd be happy to clarify.

  • Because often sexual interest is over done. Women who receive a lot of attention from guys usually hate it because we get enough of it and are tired of it. however, if you showed sexual interest in an unattractive woman she probably wouldn't look at you like its a crime...depends how much attention the woman initially receivesAnswer mine please?

  • Guys on here:Guy type 1----> Girls are such sluts nowadays and don't have any moralsGuy type 2----> Girls are such prudes these daysPerhaps it's because guys who show interest go about it the wrong way? Showing interest doesn't mean showing sexual interest

    • well if you think about it girls are the same no matter what since the girls who are sluts and have no morals (which is at least 85% of today's chicks) will always act like prudes to hide their real identities to be honest, only like 5% of today;s chick actually show off their true colors today

    • Guys are the same no matter what. Always assuming a sexual introduction is the way to go. Talk about a lack of gentlemen these days

  • not every chic is like that. Prob you're not the right guy they can be open with. I know more "shy" guys than "shy" ladies

  • I grew up in a family with loads of guys, so I'v always got on better with boys. My guy mates are like fanily and tell me there weekend antics and all sorts so its funny as hell, I even join in with the jokes sometimes because I have dirty humour. but if a guy I didn't know started saying sex stuff I would feel awkward and just walk of, because boys wills be boys

  • Not all girls react that way. It may be that the girls you are talking to aren't mature enough to talk about sexual interests or they're just shy so they use other words to terminate the conversation.

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