Guys: I only weigh 100 lbs. Is that too tiny?

I'm about 5'2 and I weigh 100 lbs. Even though I'm little, I'm still fairly curvy for a small girl. I have boobs (they're only B cups, but they're proportional to my frame) and an ass. I'm not bony. You can't see my ribs, and my hip bones don't stick out. I just have a tiny frame. Other girls compliment me on my body all the time, but guys don't seem to notice me. What do you think? Too small?


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  • Not to be graphic but I love girls with your frame and build who have protruding vaginas. Like the mound comes up between your hip bones. It's incredibly hot!

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      : / Vaginas like that even exist, lol?

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      Yours looks like that I'm sure lol.

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      I have that...I always hated it