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Guys: I only weigh 100 lbs. Is that too tiny?

I'm about 5'2 and I weigh 100 lbs. Even though I'm little, I'm still fairly curvy for a small girl. I have boobs (they're only B cups, but they're... Show More

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  • Not to be graphic but I love girls with your frame and build who have protruding vaginas. Like the mound comes up between your hip bones. It's incredibly hot!

    • : / Vaginas like that even exist, lol?

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    • Yours looks like that I'm sure lol.

    • I have that...I always hated it

What Guys Said 13

  • You're not "too" tiny, but you are underweight. That's not a healthy body weight. Exercise more, and eat more.

  • That's really fine.

    As long as you make yourself beautiful and work on how you carry yourself, then most guys will still swarm all over you.

  • I love petite girls; always have. I dated a girl that fits your description exactly and it was awesome.

  • sounds good to me

  • Sounds lovely.

  • I'm definitely a fan!

  • nope, that's pretty good ... but sh*t I feel like a girl now D:

    I am 5,7-1/2 and I weigh at 114.0 pounds! and tell me that's not tiny for a guy!? ... but oddly I am okay with this :3

  • Wow, you're my dream girl. Stay like that, baby! Smokin hot! Don't listen to girls or guys that say you're too small! Please!

  • It's sounds absolutely great to me! 5'2 and 100 lbs is fine. I like smaller girls anyways.

  • yes, short and light girls (but not like really skinny, I like a toned but curvy) really gets me going, something about throwing you around in the bedroom I think, just easier ;)

  • At 5'2" that's not too small. You're probably fine. Do you have a picture you could put up?

  • 5 foot 2 and 100 pounds is literally my idea of a perfect girl. Trust me, many men LOVE petite woman. Search for the word "petite" on this forum.

What Girls Said 4

  • Your answered your own question here: "guys don't seem to notice me". Your size doesn't sound bad but maybe your not pretty or there's another reason guys aren't into you

    • I may not be a supermodel, but I'm definitely not ugly. I'm told that I'm pretty. Other girls tell me that I'm pretty (without me asking them if I am, they just tell me sometimes), but never guys.

    • well, there's "girl pretty"and "guy pretty". Just because girls tell you you're pretty, doesn't mean you actually are (especially if guys don't tell you). Girls give insincere compliments all the time. Actually, a good way to know if you're pretty is if guys tell you. Guys compliment girls that are actually pretty, girls compliment girls that are average and who they don't see as a threat or competition.

  • Guys like petite girls, don't worry

    Easier to throw around

  • lol I'm close. but I'm 5ft and yeah they like it. trust me

  • I am your exact height and weight with the same body build. Guys don't seem to dislike it. They can be frustratingly belittling about it sometimes, but I think they're just teasing playfully.

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