How do you help ease a girl up to let you finger her?

Every time I go to finger her she'll push my hand away or move it somewhere else, this has happened on 4 different occasions

i apologized to her afterwards because I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable or anything and we're really open and can talk about things so we were talking and she said that its not that she's not ready its just she's never let anyone do it before. I said I don't wanna pressure her into anything and told her to let me know when she's ready but she insists I do it even though she's scared- she even said for me not to listen to her and just do it if she tries to stop me next time =/ I know little things like this mean a lot to her and I want to make it as easy going as I can for her so is there any advise how I can do that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Get her turned on first.

    Progress slowly. She has to be certain you'll stop if and when she feels uncomfortable with it.