Guys, can you date or marry a bisexual woman?

Guys, can you date or marry a bisexual woman? How and why? can you take this woman serious?


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  • No. I dated one once and it was definitely not what I expected.

    I was about 19 and of course like any 19yr old guys, I was thinking this was going to be the greatest thing ever, like we'd be having threesomes all the time.

    The reality is for one, we didn't have any threesomes. But the real problem was that I now found myself competing with not only men, but now I had to fend off other women. Everyone was a threat to my relationship, not just other men. Plus, given our culture, she was pretty open with women, because stereotypically we accept girl on girl as just being for fun and not cheating in any way. So she would flirt with other girls and it was just weird to watch. It was no different than watching her flirt with other men.

    I also think I would be worried about her one day having this change of heart and deciding she likes girls more now. I notice that some bi-sexual people tend to go in these phases. They alternate between their preferred gender and which one they date.


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  • My Girlfriend is bisexual. We discussed it before we got together, and we agreed to rules and limits. Luckily we both had the same basic idea, so it wasn't difficult to come to an agreement.

    The rules are: she can have sex with other women, but she has to be open and honest with it with me. It would be cheating if she got sexual with a woman and hid it from me. Obviously other men are not allowed, but she isn't interested in that anyway.

    I'm not threatened by her being with another girl, because I know that's just sex for her, and as a man, I fully understand how a person could find a woman's body sexually attractive. She also doesn't do that very often, so it's not like I'm competing for her attention.

    She has told me that she would stop being with women if I asked her to, and I believe her, but that's not a big deal to me. It also helps her understand me too, I think. Even though she is awesome, I'm still a guy, and I still notice other girls. I don't hit on them or anything, but I do notice and look sometimes. She gets that, and isn't threatened by it (hell, she often encourages it), because she knows that I only want a relationship with her, and not these random other girls, hot though they may be. She understands that women are hot (she enjoys looking at them too), so she really gets that looking doesn't mean that "she's not enough" or that "I'm going to cheat" or any of that.

    I build my relationships on communication and trust. I'm very open, and I've taught her to be too, and that only brings more security and trust to the relationship. I've had that with straight girls too, but it can actually be more difficult to get them past their jealousy and insecurity, I've found. Granted, my sample size is admittedly small.

    In my experience, if you pay attention to a person's behavior, and if their words match their behavior, you can believe what they're saying. We both know that we spend most of our free time together, and that we do that because we WANT to. We have a lot of fun together, and we don't pressure each other, because there's very little insecurity.

    I get that not everyone could deal with their SO being with ANYONE else. What works for me won't work for everyone, but if you are honest, open, and realistic, this isn't something that most people couldn't deal with, I think.

  • sure I could marry a bisexual woman. As long as they were faithful to me I'd have no problem. ... And I guess it would increase the chances of a FFM threesome

    would wouldn't I take them serious?

  • I can't date anyone. My wife won't let me. But if I was single, a bisexual woman is no different than a straight woman when it comes to fidelity.

    • What if a the bisexual woman likes women more? A man can not compete with a woman only men can compete with men...

    • I can compete with anyone. And there's plenty of fish in the sea.

    • lol...cute

  • I don't see why not. If I find her attractive, and she finds me attractive, I don't see it being any different than dating a straight girl.

  • I'm dating one now and I love her she is the love of my life and II her. I take her seriously cause we aren't going to have a three way and she isn't going to cheat on me and I won't cheat on her. I'm bi to. When you get married you aren't bi anymore. If you marry the same sex your gay and if you marry the opposite sex your straight. There still human beings like all of us.

  • Normally, it shouldn't be a problem. There are a few things that come to mind though:

    The guy may wonder if that also means you're more sexually promiscuous than the average straight woman.

    What matters the most to men is your sexual history with other men. Does the fact that you're bisexual mean you're less discriminating and have slept with a lot of men?

    Exclusivity rules will generally be the same for you if you're in a relationship, meaning it will be considered cheating for you to have a fling with another man or woman while in the relationship.

    There may be some men who are fine with a half-open relationship, meaning they won't care if you get it on with other women so long as you stay away from other men. But you should never assume this. Always ask beforehand what the rules are, since you're probably not okay with him being with other women. So it's a double standard, and even if he says he's fine, you need to ask yourself if it is better for building your relationship with him or not.

  • heck yes, id want her to have a girl friend so I can be both of their boyfriends and we can live together as a big happy family

  • no I can't date a bisexual woman. It's a double trouble. she is gonna cheat for both men and women. she is just gud for sex, no relationship. forget about marrying. threat from both cocks and p******.


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  • My friend is married to a bisexual.