Guys, can you date or marry a bisexual woman?

Guys, can you date or marry a bisexual woman? How and why? can you take this woman serious?


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  • No. I dated one once and it was definitely not what I expected.

    I was about 19 and of course like any 19yr old guys, I was thinking this was going to be the greatest thing ever, like we'd be having threesomes all the time.

    The reality is for one, we didn't have any threesomes. But the real problem was that I now found myself competing with not only men, but now I had to fend off other women. Everyone was a threat to my relationship, not just other men. Plus, given our culture, she was pretty open with women, because stereotypically we accept girl on girl as just being for fun and not cheating in any way. So she would flirt with other girls and it was just weird to watch. It was no different than watching her flirt with other men.

    I also think I would be worried about her one day having this change of heart and deciding she likes girls more now. I notice that some bi-sexual people tend to go in these phases. They alternate between their preferred gender and which one they date.