Guys, can erections really be that unexpected, or hard to control?

Can just looking at someone you like/are attractive to really cause your friend to salute to attention without warning?

I have a mutual crush on a coworker, who I hooked up with a couple of times. We interact normally during work hours, but he recently told me that he has a literal "hard" time being around me at work sometimes. He says he feels like a kid, and it gets pretty obvious. This is without any flirting, or physical contact, just whatever is going on in his mind. Once he even called me 20 minutes after I'd left to tell me that it was still a problem, and he had to "disguise" it on his way home.

I think this is cute, and funny, but is it really like that for grown men? I'd expect if from maybe a teen, but we're both far from being teenagers.

I think I would personally be devastated, but I never noticed anything until he told me. Now I see that sometimes he smiles, and kinda rushes away, and now I wonder if it's because he's hiding something.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes and no. Usually in public the nervousness that somebody will see is enough to keep the penis from getting fully hard. Usually if a girl is turning me on in public I only get half hard. Something has to put images of making out or actual sex in my mind to get a full erection in public. Since you hooked up with the guy when he sees you now it reminds him of that so he's getting hard for you is what I think.