Do you girls go out looking for guys with big penises?

Do you girls go out looking for guys with big dicks?


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  • how do you go out looking for that? it's not like when you see a guy you can ask him to flop his dick out so you can see if it's big enough to f*** later. lol or can you? lol it would be good if you could, save some disappointment. Because you can't tell by looking at them, sometimes I think oh yep big/small but it just turns out to be the opposite so yer. But I would if I could, I don't need a BIG one but bigger then average or maybe average is ok

    • How many dicks have you seen or been with? All these girls here seem to be penile experts. Quoting the average at just above 8 inches. You probably could ask a guy to flop out his dick. I didn't realize bigger dicks are important to you...

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    • Not 8 inches. I'm a few inches smaller.

    • Just over 11"

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  • it really depends on the girl.

    for me, I really don't care how big it is.

    if its average, that's nice.

    i just don't like them TOO big.

    • What's too big? I have no idea how you girls meet 8 inch dicks. They're more common. Or is "I don't care how big it is" some things girls tell guys?

  • No, that is just a bunch of talk when girls talk about big dicks. it's about the chemistry you have with someone in bed.

    • Then why are all these girls saying how they want a average, 8 inch dick?

    • Because not all girls fall into that little pigeon hole where 'it's not about good sex it's about the chemistry' sorry I know that's how you feel but not all girls, some girls would actually like to enjoy sex. And I am not saying guys with small dicks can't give good sex but from my experience they don't. But guys with big dick can be bad to. I mean if he doesn't care about anything, and just tries to satisfy him self, and just shoves it hurts, but I find that they are still more talented all round

    • Good chemistry usually is s a portent that you will enjoy the sex. in the end everyone has a preference

  • How do you go looking for a big dick?

    • You whistle and go, "Here dicky dicky dicky... come here boy..."

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    • That still doesn't stop girls form wanting it.

    • Well I don't want it. Seen it done it got the t-shirt to prove, and it overrated.

  • I don't think so...


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  • I'm just over 11". Is that too big?