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Girls, how do you shave down there?

I've shaved before but I always manage to miss a spot. I'm going to shave just to surprise my boyfriend (we both agree that shaving is too much of a... Show More

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  • I try not to shave against the grain. Short gentle strokes until the hair is mostly gone. I wait until the hair gets long enough so that when I shave there is less irritation. I have noticed that if I try to shave down there again the next day, I get more red bumps and irritation.

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  • Shave when you are in the shower that way it prevents bumps and redness.

  • I like to wax more

  • If you've got sensitive skin like me, don't botherHonestly don't be a baby and go for the wax, it'll be worth itWhenever I shave down there initially it's awesome, perfectly smooth and prettyThen next day it's a disaster, no matter when I do, I get red spots everywhere and they take about 2 weeks of lotion and sun exposure to go away, and they're extremely uglyWith the waxing you'll be a bit red for 24-48h max and then smooth as ice for 3+ weeksIf you must shave, make sure your skin is properly exfoliated (do it 24h before shaving though, otherwise you'll be too raw) and keep it hydrated too. Exfoliate 3x a week to prevent ingrown hairs, moisterise every day.I still manage to cut myself from time to time if I give in and shave because it's just an awkward place to get to in some areasSmooth out the outer lips if you do those too before sliding the razor on them, you'll have less chance of catching the skin (cuts down there not only hurt but can get nasty - humidity, urine... can lead to infection so watch out and if you do cut yourself use desinfecting skin healing cream)

  • Before I started shaving I had a bush because I didn't know that girls tamed that area. I did everything later then other girls. I shave it all now because that's what I started doing. I have cream for the red bumps that helps and when you use a good shaver you do not get them. A lot of guys like some shaving if not all. Wow don't have much tolerance for pain do we. I guess you don't wax your brows or any other areas.

  • use body wash,or just use a new razor...whenever I shave it comes out smooth,only when I shave when it's not needed is when the red bumps pop up,but it's most likely you'll miss a spot,i usually miss a little of the bottom where I can't see

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