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Girls that can squirt, does it feel really good to do it?

Or does squirting not affect the amount of pleasure you get from having an orgasm? I've heard both, some girls say that it's the greatest orgasm ever... Show More

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  • it feels really good and even better if I know he enjoys it

  • hmm, well I don't know about others but when I orgasm & squirt it feels amazing, sometimes I can do it again right after or it feels so good I have another w/o doing anything, but it really takes a lot out of me and I usually pass out right after.. somehow I last much longer during sex tho, kinda weird but whatever~

    • So you're saying that squirting can actually cause you to orgasm again by itself? Is it hard for you to squirt or can you pretty much do it whenever you want? What's the most times you've squirted in one session?

    • yupnot so much unless I'm really exhausted or not motivated/aroused, I can't do it whenever I want but I can get to it with little difficulty.. within reasonabout 12x within 2 hours, but I slept for 15 hrs so it really screwed up my sched and I stopped for nearly a week so I could rest, I don't do that so much anymore unless its with him

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