Why do you think younger people are more open to being Gay or Gay marriage?

Question says it all.

Also I would like to know if people disagree


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  • Because societies change and opinions shift, often starting with the younger generations. You know, in 1948 when California legalized inter-racial marriage in that state, 90% of American's were opposed to inter-racial marriage. And over the years, the general populous has obviously changed its mind on that.

    That's why I disagree with the comments that allowing gays to marry is a sign of an "anything goes" attitude. I don't think it's fair to dismiss the situation in that way. It's an issue of people seeking basic rights. And I'd add that STRAIGHT people (and I myself am straight) leaping into marriage, yielding a 50% divorce rate . . . that to me seems like an "anything goes" attitude towards love and marriage and cheapens the institution of marriage for than a man and a man or a woman and a woman who love each other wanting that love to be recognized does.

    • Wow, I found that really interesting.

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    • A man and woman in love. Marriage is not necessarily just for children (btw, there are plenty of orphans in foreign countries that would love to get adopted.) but for love, to be able to take care of your loved one when they are in need. The privileges legal marriage gives. In that aspect, love, inter racial is the same as gay. Both were discriminated against. both were in love.

    • PEOPLE!! What does it matter?! How does it harm you if two men or two women, or a man and a woman of different color get married?! Your life will not change at all, there is no harm in it.

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  • Because our society is becoming more and more liberal and permissive as the years go by. That's because the anything goes attitude is easier than towing the line so the path of least resistance is where the water will flow. By the way, that's not a good thing when it comes to people. When thinking of the "it's ok for gays to get married" you have to consider a society where what if all the people eventually became gay because there's no family responsibilities to be concerned about. How long do you think a society like that would last? If you say it's good for one, then it's good for all. When our first parents were tossed out of the Garden of Eden, God told them to increase and multiply. He also performed his first miracle at a wedding. That should in itself tell us what God thinks about a man and woman as being the center of his creation. I'm not saying anything here in no way that criticizes gays or gay unions where because of their born orientation have so desire for a partner of the opposite sex. They deserve all their legal rights, but to accomplish that doesn't require them getting married where they can pretend to be on the same ground as a man and woman getting married and sorta making fun of it. So when we let ourselves go with the flow, this is what it leads do and what happens in a society when it gets to the point of condoning the "anything goes"mentality. This is the direction we've been heading in for a long time, and it always affects our youth first.

    • I disagree with the idea that a gay couple wanting to get married is "making fun" or marriage. The fact that it's that important to them, to me, HONORS the idea of what marriage ideally is. And particularly at a time of so much destruction and violence and uncertainty, it seems too bad that 2 people who love each other and simply want to have that love recognized and valued have to fight so hard for that right.

    • As it stands now they can live together and with civic unions then have all the rights they need to express their love for each other. There's no need of a marriage that's been reserved for the act of joining two people together as husband and wife for the past thousands of years. This is just some aberration and dissenting idea that started in the present generation or two of going against what's right and then pushing that philosophy

    • Only the civil unions in NJ and NH have the same rights as marriage, so I wouldn't say that gays already have all the rights they need. I'd also add that the idea of gay marriage isn't something that's happened just in the last few of generations, and that societies all over the world have defined marriage in many different ways (including ones that allowed gay marriage many hundred years ago). As I mentioned, not long ago in America, inter-racial marriage wasn't allow, so definitions change.

  • Different social norms in different generational gaps. Not huge differences but enough to make someone say "hey, maybe I'm like this or like that?" and the thought of "what if" lingers and after some time you have change.

  • they are mis-informed, young and naive. The media is proving to have a tremendous negative effect on young people in regards to this issue. The notion of 'anything goes' in society is quickly taking hold of the youth and that road will surely lead to disaster. Its really a cumulative amount of factors that play into the youth accepting gay marriage but I'm going to cut it short right there for now...

  • it's in the media... all over. I just saw that movie "I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry" yesterday and that was pro-gay. personally, I don't care if gays want to get married. it's not my life, and they should choose to live their life however they wish, without being discriminated for being gay. I have some gay friends (I'm in high school and you would never know they were gay) and I feel like they should be treated the same way straight people should be treated when it comes to marriage. love is love. but anyways, younger generations are taught that all people should be equal. Society has already experienced the civil rights movement, and all sorts of other movements towards all sorts of rights, so at this point younger generations feel like everyone should be equal.

  • Its more socialy acceptable now. People that grew up decades ago would never admit to being gay because of severe hatered and misunderstanding

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  • That's because the older people are old fashioned.

  • It's just generation changes with our beliefs. Many taboo's of say 10, 20 or more years ago are common place happenings now

  • I think we definitely are more open to things like that because we have kinda grown up with it. We have more of the "why can't we all just get along" mentality. I hated prop 8 because I personally don't believe that others have the right to decide who you spend the rest of your life with. Its like when it used to be illegal for blacks and whites to get married. Considering I have only been with white guys, that would suck lol.

  • because some people prefer and love someone from the same sex.

    i'm heterosexual and have never swayed from it but some of my friends are gay/ les so I respect that and I don't feel like it's something we have to fight against.

  • The same reason any minority group is getting closer to equality. Exposure and open forums for discussion and interaction. Minorities are no longer people you read about in storybooks or gossip, they are neighbors, part of our families, in media - the more people are able to express themselves and show their humanity and likeness to everyone else on the planet, the less people objectify and start seeing the similarities. People don't have to hide anymore and they shouldn't be forced to. Times change, slowly for sure, but they do change, and will continue to do so, regardless of whoever opposes it.

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