What are some good bed skills?

So I'm not just poking her with my penis?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Start out gently, but get more aggressive based on how she reacts. Kiss her, but not the whole time. Just when it feels right. Do what feels good- that probably means it feels good for her, too. Don't be too rough with her breasts, but be sure to give them attention. Keep close most of the time. Most girls like the contact and during-sex-cuddling. If she wants to get on top, let her, but don't ask or tell her to. If you are wondering how she is liking it, ask if she wants to change positions. This just lets you make sure she is getting the right amount of pressure in the right way. It is different for every girl- some like missionary, some doggy style, etc. Finding the right position to reach her pleasurable spots is unique to her. Have fun finding out!

    Oh, and if she tells you to do something, do it! :)

    • Is it possible to communicate too much? outside of like reading a book communicating...should I tell her she's beautiful? that I love her body? that she makes me soo horny?

    • Sure, you can compliment her and tell her what you're thinking. But mostly I like to just be in the moment. Those things are better for before and after sex, although one or two comments during can be nice as well.