Worst sexual experience?

So, on my recent road trip, I engaged in some random, casual sex...

So the one night, its hella hot, I'm hella drunk, and this guy has been talking our ears off, buying us drinks and food..

He's funny.. he's cute, if over-weight.. and I don't mean slightly...

any how, we end up going back to his place.. Anya crashes on his couch and he and I proceeded to his room...

Really hot and humid in Kentucky...

No air conditioning...

Sex with a bigger guy...

You know when you first start cooking bacon, and the grease is like, melting out of it.. and its like, thick and slimy?

Yeah.. I felt like I was slathered in that when he was done...

So, what is you recent bad/gross sexual experience?


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  • I've yet to have "bad" sex. But I've definitely had some bad experiences.

    I'll never forget this one Girlfriend I had. One night we were fooling around, and I was extremely horny. I'm talking like I probably could have banged her four hours upon hours and still not be completely satiated.

    Anyway, before we had sex I was determined to get her off like she'd never had before. Sex was pretty new in our relationship, and I knew she had never been with any good, giving lovers. So I spend like an hour straight going down--I'm a modest guy, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty great at giving oral (I attribute it to enthusiasm and a genuine care for the girl's pleasure more than some innate talent LOL). I was rough at the right times, tender and sensual at the right times. I teased, kissed her everywhere to build anticipation, and I was totally owning it.

    That girl came harder and more intensely than anyone I'd ever seen. It was pretty amazing, and I was definitely thrilled to give her that much pleasure.

    Anyway, about ten minutes after she comes, she tells me that her body is so tired and relaxed that she couldn't return the favor. Then she tells me, "but hey, if you wanna take care of yourself I'll lay here naked for you..."

    So yeah, that was my worst sexual experience. Ever. And surprise, surprise...we ended up going our separate ways in the end in large part due to sexual compatibility.

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      lay there for you like...

      dead fish sex? or look at her while stroking?

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      She's done after one orgasm? lmao

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      She was kinda vanilla, to be honest. Almost like she didn't want me to know that she liked getting off (thus my determination to give her an insane orgasm). It was not fun.