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Your opinion for pubic hair on women?

Guys what is your opinion on women with pubic hair? Do you like it bald and smooth like a tight young schoolgirl? Do you like it hairy like an... Show More

  • Vote A I like bald and smooth like a schoolgirl
  • Vote B I like hairy and free like an amazon warrior
  • Vote C I like a little flair down there
  • Vote D I couldn't care less

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What Girls Said 4

  • I just trim really neatly. The bald look is so uncomfortable. I tried it once by waxing and it hurt like hell, and was so itchy when it started to grow back. Plus my fiance also hates the complete bald look as well, so it's win win for us.

  • I wax it all off

  • I love it completely shaved. For me it's more higenic and smoother so you feel better when receiving an oral from your guy. You can feel more your guys tongue and his breathing. OMG it's awesome, very arousing and sensual. It makes my wild. Lol.

    • You a long steady lick kind of girl? Or rapid and all over the place?

      PS: This is not sexual harassment, its studying for the future.

  • I shave two or three times in a month - one is definitely just before my periods. He is much excited if I am shaved.

What Guys Said 10

  • I like it smooth and clean so I can feel comfortable licking and sucking all over it without getting any hair or dirt in my mouth.

  • I like anything as long as the hair is ABOVE the vagina. As long as she trims it down, it's cool. Shaving it is also okay, but not necessary.

    Using this as a guide: link The top 3 styles and the left one on the bottom are what I like most, so basically Landing strips and triangle type shapes.

    • Playboy :)

  • You will see a lot of As in the answer and I also voted A. I bet you the answer would have been different 20+ years back. Somehow, more people are being drawn towards 100% clean.

    • 20 years ago I liked bald as well, I've had a long term school girl fetish...

  • Bald




    NO HAIR.

  • I like some hair down there...

  • I really don't care but I guess I'd say the landing strip is sexiest.

    It's funny, because I'm really attracted to younger girls (17-22, a lot, lot younger than me), but I find bald to be too child like. I also don't have the school girl fantasy.

  • I like bald to a little flair

  • As long as they keep themselves clean, I'm happy with however they are.

  • i like natural

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