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Guys, do you ever have sexual feelings/thoughts towards female friends?

Like you have ever been friends with a girl have you ever thought about kissing her?

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  • i have had before yes but this was before I learn about who I was etc now I have very few thoughts about it I see females as friends now some as clsoe friends but that's as far as it goes for me now and I'm happy with that :)

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  • Of course you can't help to think about it every once in a while

    • So if one of your female friends wanted a relationship would you take that chance?

    • If she wanted a relationship and I liked her I would really want to ask her out but I have a problem with feeling if I was to say something to any of my female friends she wouldn't want to be friends with me.

  • Yes. I've had thought about going through all 4 bases with just about every last female friend I currently have. Fantasising is normal and if a girl is my friend that means she does have attractive qualities of some kind.Also just because I may have has one or two thoughts does not mean that I would want a relationship with them or that I think about them in that way all the time.

  • yes

  • Yes, definitely - all men do.

  • All the time, which makes me wonder...what are my girlfriend's guy friends thinking? Hmm. Time to get out the shot gun... Lol.

    • Best answer, imo.

    • Lol. Thank you.

  • Yes

  • Yes, but a smart man buries these feelings down as deep as they can- if they want to keep the friendship.

  • If I'm friends with a girl, it means I like her personality but I don't like her sexually or romantically. If I like a girl romantically/sexually, I hit on her pretty much as soon as I first-ever meet her. If she rejects me, I don't try to get to know her.

  • I only think about kissing when I really like someone. But yes, sexual thoughts are pretty much all the time.

  • All my closest friends are female, sometimes it is difficult to work out your feelings. Some of them I think it would be really hot to be with, some not (not related to how attractive they are - on an emotional level) I really don't know my feelings towards my best friend, I love her - as a friend, but I don't know if I want something else too. Sometimes I think she does too, but other times :/.Simple answer: Yes :)

  • Totally. I always wonder how they keep their pubic hair, what type of vagina they have and what kind of nasty secrets they have.

    • I answered the question, why would I get down voted?

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