Girls with see through yoga pants/tights?

was at the gym the other day and this attractive girl with a very nice ass was wearing some light colored thinner material yoga pants/tights kinda things while she worked out with a short shirt so nothing was covered.

u could see her skin tone right through the pants..

when she bent over you could clearly see she was wearing a dark blue thong under them.

why would she wear a dark thong under see through pants?

was she just oblivious to the fact that you could see her underwear?

or was she looking for attention?

or were they like "f*** me pants"?



Most Helpful Guy

  • some are oblivious, some may want or like the attention, and some may just be more concerned with comfort and functionality.

    there is a specific brand that makes a lot of yoga gear called Lulu Lemon. they made a stretch pant that was translucent so unbeknownst to a lot of buyers they were getting these see through pants... just an example of the oblivious

    but it's the same thing with anything. do guys who wear skinny jeans like have their p*nis outline showing? are the oblivious? do they not care?

    do girls that wear mini skirts or shirts where you can see their bras oblivious, being provocative, etc?