Guys who are on the excessive hairy side, how do you feel about it?

How Do you feel about it? Do you happily embrace your fur with grace...or do you feel bad about it but still embrace it...or you hate it and remove it?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not excessively hairy and yet I still hate and remove it. The only hair I keep is on my head, arms, and legs, but in truth, I'd even rid myself of the hair on my arms and legs if it was any thicker.

    If I was all shaggy the only difference it would make to me is the cost and PAIN. Body waxing is expensive, slow, and painful, especially for men with a tun of body hair. As is I'm paying around $80 a month and that doesn't include chest, back, arms and legs, which are biggies for hairy men.

    That doesn't includes numb nuts! I won't wax my balls to a shine without it.

    So ya... I'm not hairy but if I was I do battle to the death vs it.

    • Oh and my happy trail stays.

    • U wax your chest, back? Why leave the happy trail? Lol.

    • I don't have any hair on my back aside from some stragglers that just get plucked and my chest is quick and only every 2-3months. I leave my happy trail because it was requested. I kind of like it in any case.