Guys who are on the excessive hairy side, how do you feel about it?

How Do you feel about it? Do you happily embrace your fur with grace...or do you feel bad about it but still embrace it...or you hate it and remove it?


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  • I'm not excessively hairy and yet I still hate and remove it. The only hair I keep is on my head, arms, and legs, but in truth, I'd even rid myself of the hair on my arms and legs if it was any thicker.

    If I was all shaggy the only difference it would make to me is the cost and PAIN. Body waxing is expensive, slow, and painful, especially for men with a tun of body hair. As is I'm paying around $80 a month and that doesn't include chest, back, arms and legs, which are biggies for hairy men.

    That doesn't includes numb nuts! I won't wax my balls to a shine without it.

    So ya... I'm not hairy but if I was I do battle to the death vs it.

    • Oh and my happy trail stays.

    • U wax your chest, back? Why leave the happy trail? Lol.

    • I don't have any hair on my back aside from some stragglers that just get plucked and my chest is quick and only every 2-3months. I leave my happy trail because it was requested. I kind of like it in any case.

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  • I'm Armenian, so I'm on the hairier side. I don't see any problem with it though. I try to keep my back relatively hair free, and everywhere else I'll just trim if it's getting too thick. Most girls don't care, and would rather have a guy with some hair than someone without any.

  • I'm not overly hairy but I grow in all the normal places. The girl I'm seeing now likes the hair. It pretty much depends on the woman but I'm not gonna go and wax my body just so I don't have hair. I think that looks ridiculous. We're men and we're supposed to have hair. I have facial, chest, legs, a nice happy trail and the pubic area. I keep the pubic and face trimmed and nice looking. About the only exception I'd make to waxing would be if someone has back or ass hair. That I can kind of understand. It's difficult to make that look clean and nice looking. Most women will find it absolutely gross. It's more about hygiene I think than it is about the actual hair. Just make sure you look like you take care of yourself and care about your personal appearance is the big thing with hair.

  • I don't have hair on my back just patches on the sides but for the rest of my body is pretty hairy. I just shave my shoulders and sides.

    • U have lot of thick dense hair like rug? Covered on whole chest, whole stomach, legs, arms? Do you embrace it with grace or you just accept it? How do girls in your life/around you feel of it?

    • My legs are hairy, my arms not alot, stomach is hairy, and my chest is like a rug. I like it, I think it makes me feel manly. Girls like it, had one girl love to rub her hands through my chest hair.

    • You really like your chest rug? Don't you feel bad about it, out of place ,since majority men don't get rug ,naturally they have very less hair and even that they trim/shave.

      Ever had girls shocked /disgusted by it?

  • Women hate it. I either shave it or completely remove it.

    • How hairy are you? Chest/stomach/back/arms etc? How do YOU personally feel of it and how do you know women hate it?

    • My friends called me Bigfoot. It made me feel like crap.

  • I remove all the hair I don't like.

  • I think I'm hairer than average, but I'm not like super hairy, it's hard to tell really, I don't have much of a reference. I'm happy with it, I'm certainly never going to be one of those guys that shaves/waxes because it's time consuming and frankly I think it looks gross for a guy to be hairless, though if a girl wanted me to I'd trim the length of my body hair.

    • This?


    • No, I'm not as hairy as any of those guys. I have 1-2 inch long medium-high density dark brown hair on my chest and stomach, it's longest and thickest along that line that runs up the entire torso (can't think of the proper name). I have .5 inch light brown medium density hair on my legs and lower arms. I have 1.5-2 inch long dark brown medium density hair on my underarms. I have 2+ inch (when not trimmed) medium density dark brown pubes. I don't have hair on my back, shoulders, or butt cheeks.