How do I get into this guy's pants?

Well obviously this is a sexual question so don't play dumb peeps! I need your advice, ideas and thoughts on how I go about getting in a guy's pants.... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know many girls who have this issue... Seriously if you tell a guy you're horny or that he turns you on immensely, I'd be surprised if he wasn't standing there naked 30 seconds later. What I'm saying is, just tell him.

    • Yea I would think if I told him I wanna f*** his brains out he'd be immeadiately willing, I'm just really shy and don't have the guts. Id rather it just happen by "accident". Some strange mishap or situation that just leads to sex, without me going head-on and actually telling him what I want. Hopefully I can work up some courage

    • You just need to stop over thinking it, if a guy is going out with a girl he should definitely be at least attracted to her yes? Which is why I'd seriously doubt he'd say no if you just jumped on top of him.