How do I get into this guy's pants?

Well obviously this is a sexual question so don't play dumb peeps! I need your advice, ideas and thoughts on how I go about getting in a guy's pants. Meaning: how I can get to have sex, shag and frigg him. How to jump his bones. Drive him crazy out his mind. Here's my horney story. I've been staying with a friend for awhile who has quite a large family, including a son who is a strong able-bodied soldier who is currently off-duty and here at the house. We are both in our early 20s, so I don't have to feel guilty about lusting after his rock hard body. We get along OK, however I don't know if he is attracted to me, for he spends 24-7 of his time on his computer playing video games...he's so obsessed with those games I doubt he notices me, although they say guys always think of having sex like every min. Sighs! Anyways how do I seduce him? Make his blood run hot, get him all hot and bothered? I really want to f*** him so bad, but I'm a very shy girl. How do I go about accomplishing this? I always fantasize of going to meet him late in the night when he's up playing games and just surprise him and seduce him. He seems so serious though I wouldn't want to get rejected, but what guy will resist sex? Especially from a very willing woman? Help me peeps, I need courage and ideas! Now!


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  • I don't know many girls who have this issue... Seriously if you tell a guy you're horny or that he turns you on immensely, I'd be surprised if he wasn't standing there naked 30 seconds later. What I'm saying is, just tell him.

    • Yea I would think if I told him I wanna f*** his brains out he'd be immeadiately willing, I'm just really shy and don't have the guts. Id rather it just happen by "accident". Some strange mishap or situation that just leads to sex, without me going head-on and actually telling him what I want. Hopefully I can work up some courage

    • You just need to stop over thinking it, if a guy is going out with a girl he should definitely be at least attracted to her yes? Which is why I'd seriously doubt he'd say no if you just jumped on top of him.

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  • Just tell him you'd like to distract him from his video games,and ask him if that might be possible.

    If it's possible,give him a big kiss and a hug,and take it from there.

  • Ecstasy and a little bit of alcohol can go a long way...

    • Hahahah! I actually thought of getting drunk, but he's not a drinker and doesn't seem to tolerate it much :-( good habit though, cause alcohol is bad anyways but I could have indeed use it! Damn...

  • Surprised this was not asked in the sexuality section, lol, but c'mon, most people admit and agree that girls can get sex much easier than guys can, they say women are the gatekeepers to sex and I agree with that


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  • Find out what game he plays. Dress up like the character.

    He'll get hard in no time!

    His fantasies will come true!

    Seriously, try it! :)