Should I tell him I've slept with his friend?

6-7 months ago I got drunk while camping and slept with a guy. we never spoke after. now, I met a guy and turns out he knows this otherguy. I don't know how good of friends they are. should I say something? or just call it quits? how big of a deal breaker is it


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  • I do not see how the "who" matters. Most men are worried/concerned with the number. The only exception that I can think of would be close family members. After all, it was before you met the new guy. For me it is not a deal breaker. Hell, I couldn't tell you the first name of a good handful of people that I slept with, never mind the last name or the first and last name. Then again, I was basically a male version of a slut when I was younger. A lot of my friends (and even partners) could not believe the number of people or even who some of the people were when they find out/ realize that I am only working with 5.5" Sure, to a point size matters, but how and what you do in bed makes up for it.

    • how many have you slept with?

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    • To the guy who slept with 137 women, what piece of advice would you give me so that I could seduce women better? Tks

    • I am a nudist, I also am a member of a swingers club and bisexual. Be polite, shower daily and always smell good. Hold doors for the young, old, cute and ugly. Drop your standards and pretenses. When you are talking to a female or even in passing, make eye contact at all times - actually listen to and hear what they are saying. Be current on what's happening in the world. Be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Make it all about her. Always dress the best you can.

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  • Don't bring it up unless he does. It's not a deal breaker at all.

  • Most of the guys below have told you that most men care about the number instead of the who. In this situation that would be incorrect.

    If these guys are friends, the first guy has, and will always have been with you before your new guy, and most likely that will be too much for the new guy if they're good friends. Men are very territorial, and to have a girlfriend that has slept with a ftiend would eat at your relationship over time. This is just my opinion, but it's based on our psychology and what I've seen in real life. If I was you, I would avoid the drama and stresses this situation would cause.

    It always gets me how people say "There's nothing wrong with hookups. One night stands are fun!" It might be true, but the past always comes back to you. Good luck.

  • Why make something out of nothing? No, don't tell him.

  • 1. How much do you know or trust that guy you had that drunken binge with?

    2. If you don't then please go ahead and tell your guy if you guys are going serious, if not then forget telling him.

    3. If the guy (or his false ego / sense of pride) can't take it that you've had sex with someone he knows, then you know it's time to get a better guy :)

    4. For someone who thinks the way I do, it's nowhere near a deal breaker. I don't know about this guy you are with. So you check it out :)

    Good luck and just in case - NOTHING wrong in what happened at the camp :)

  • There is no need to tell any one about those moment. It was to be happened and done no fault from your side. The biggest mistake would be to commit about it with your present friend because boys mostly can not accept this thing that her friend or gal friend already having sexual relationships with his male friends. He will feel very bad or might break up with you. He likes you now but he will start avoiding you or pressing you a lot. YOu will find him a different man now. So do not open a close chapter now. And even tell the second man also not to disclose about that one night stand about your present friend. Because generally gals do not tell any one but male friends intentionally spread these news to others in order to break up their own friends relationship and again they can try to enter in your life and start playing with you. Try to live in present and make your present friend be confident about you.

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  • Be honest because if he find out in the future, it will be a huge smack in the face and he'll question what other truth you've omitted from him. I hate to say it girl, but you've put yourself in a situation where either choice you make will backfire at this point. But you'll never regret doing the right thing.

  • You don't have to tell him

  • Just be honest... tell him that you aren't sure how big of a deal it is but you just want to be honest with him. It was before you met so its not like he can be mad about it... me personally I would be more upset finding out another way and knowing neither of you told me. Try to explain it so he understands this, you don't want him to find out another way and you don't want to be dishonest with him.