Should I tell him I've slept with his friend?

6-7 months ago I got drunk while camping and slept with a guy. we never spoke after. now, I met a guy and turns out he knows this otherguy. I don't know how good of friends they are. should I say something? or just call it quits? how big of a deal breaker is it

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  • I do not see how the "who" matters. Most men are worried/concerned with the number. The only exception that I can think of would be close family members. After all, it was before you met the new guy. For me it is not a deal breaker. Hell, I couldn't tell you the first name of a good handful of people that I slept with, never mind the last name or the first and last name. Then again, I was basically a male version of a slut when I was younger. A lot of my friends (and even partners) could not believe the number of people or even who some of the people were when they find out/ realize that I am only working with 5.5" Sure, to a point size matters, but how and what you do in bed makes up for it.

    • how many have you slept with?

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    • To the guy who slept with 137 women, what piece of advice would you give me so that I could seduce women better? Tks

    • I am a nudist, I also am a member of a swingers club and bisexual. Be polite, shower daily and always smell good. Hold doors for the young, old, cute and ugly. Drop your standards and pretenses. When you are talking to a female or even in passing, make eye contact at all times - actually listen to and hear what they are saying. Be current on what's happening in the world. Be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Make it all about her. Always dress the best you can.