Why do you ask about number of sexual partners?

Guys, how do you all feel about girls and knowing their past sexual history. I've always maintained an open and honest policy and when guys ask that question that ya'll always ask "How many guys have you been with? " I tell the truth. I am learning now that I am NEVER supposed to reveal this information to a guy. And my ex admitted that although he knows my sexual history doesn't define who I am as a person, it was something he could never look past. So my question is if you guys NEVER really want to know this information, WHY do you always ask and what about it turns you off so much that you can never get the number out of your head?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I ask to get an idea if this girl is safe to sleep with. :)

    If the number is on the large side, then I worry about stds, and I would rather not risk it.

    Now, other guys just want to know to see if you are an easy girl or not; if they hear a large number, then they know they have a chance. If you're in a relationship, and a guy is pursuing you to be in one, then a large number turn guys off cause most guys don't want to be with what they consider a slut. Now, what's a large number? Well that depends; you could have had 5 long term bf's, and that's ok; but you could have had 5 guys in a month, and many guys will think that's not ok. But yea, some guys have a girl every month and that's perfectly fine. Don't you love the double standards? :)