My girlfriend likes to make-out with lotsa guys at once. How to cope?

I have been dating a 28year old lady for few weeks. Recently she has opened up to me and informed me about her passion for semen. I did not know... Show More

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  • ...I knew you were trollin when I read this! So shame on me no ow! Made me question things Iv'e never questioned before!

    Now I'm roflin on the cold hard ground! WOAH! OHHHH! TROLLIN TROLLIN TROLLIN!


    • wish I knew what Trollin means . Is that good or bad ? And what's roflin?

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    • i don't quite understand what you mean by saying , She compares it to sweetest chocolate, gave it away . Yes that's what she said in all seriousness. I'm not trollin or roflin dude.

    • This sounds like a troll question to me, THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE PEOPLE! Don't try to bull shit a bull shitter, Mr. Wanker.