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My girlfriend likes to make-out with lotsa guys at once. How to cope?

I have been dating a 28year old lady for few weeks. Recently she has opened up to me and informed me about her passion for semen. I did not know... Show More

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  • ...I knew you were trollin when I read this! So shame on me no ow! Made me question things Iv'e never questioned before!Now I'm roflin on the cold hard ground! WOAH! OHHHH! TROLLIN TROLLIN TROLLIN!WOAH! OHHHHHH! TROLLIN TROLLIN TROLLIN!

    • wish I knew what Trollin means . Is that good or bad ? And what's roflin?

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    • i don't quite understand what you mean by saying , She compares it to sweetest chocolate, gave it away . Yes that's what she said in all seriousness. I'm not trollin or roflin dude.

    • This sounds like a troll question to me, THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE PEOPLE! Don't try to bull shit a bull shitter, Mr. Wanker.

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  • Good Luck

  • I totally can relate to the semen part.. Kissing not so much. I love everything about a males body.

    • thats nice babe . My girlfriend is besotted with cum. Nice to know there are others like that too.

    • :P

  • Can I watch?

    • anytime you like to watch we can meet online. Let me know . love to show .

    • Ok

  • Troll?

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