If a woman and a man swapped bodies what would happen?

What do you do think would happen if this happend to you? Would it be fun or a nightmare?


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  • If it was switching with my girlfriend temporarily (e.g., a few days to a week), I think it would be fun. I have asked my girlfriend questions like how it feels for her when I penetrate her and when I come inside her and whether her orgasms from oral and intercourse feel different. Experiencing these things first hand from her perspective would be very different than just hearing her answers, though. I think it would make our sex better afterward if we both had the chance to demonstrate what we want done to us.

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  • It would be a nightmare! Oh my!

  • Nightmare I like my lady parts too much to trade for a man's body so I am going to have to pass.

  • It would be a nightmare for me. I like being a girl with my lady parts :/ It would be weird for me. No thanks.

  • i think it would be awesome (for a short period of time at least lol) :D

    • hahaha!

    • bucket list... Go to beach topless.. Pee name in the snow... Scratching in public! =)

  • Guys always complain about "being a man" so I'll pass

  • Personally I don't think men could handle having a period every month.

    • Whoa every month... Apparently someone would not be trading back lol... Half the world deals with them I am sure I could too... (famous last words!)

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  • To sum up the responses:

    Women: Nightmare, It would be awkward

    Men: Fuck everything

    Seems about right...

  • If I had a women s body ( I hope for a short time) I would have as much (protected) sex as possible to experience what t is like for a girl.

    • Hmmm maybe the sex drive goes with the body?

    • youd have sex with men..?

  • They'd probably play with their new bodies a ton...and have lots of gay sex. I'm fairly certain everyone would want to experience sex as the opposite gender as well.

  • I want to feel my wife's orgasoms. And she mine so sex fest

  • hell no damn , I would not want that, but they'll at least feel the urges for sex as we do now

  • They would both learn the pain of feeling transgendered.

    • ^ No they wouldn't. They would be a woman and a man's brain in the other person's body. Not a man or a woman with mutilated genitals and hormone therapy

  • Bloody nightmare; monthly. I'd off myself.

  • what wouldn't happen