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Former coworker avoids me, does he not like me? Why?

Here is the odd incident. Super sorry- it's long I was on one of my morning coffee runs. I encountered a former co-worker. I chatted with him a bit. I wanted to chat longer because I wanted to know how the company was doing since I left. Then a man he had a meeting with showed up finally, after he waited for awhile. The former co-worker was in a big rush to go get the drinks he had ordered, but the man he was meeting with insisted on getting it.The two argued for a bit, while I stood in the middle. The other man gave in and my former co-worker cut me off and told me, it was nice seeing me again. And went to get the drinks. Extra info: When we worked together he seem to avoid talking to me. Only on those rare occasions, he and I would have an actual conversation. He would talk to other co-workers, which is bizarre considering there is only four people in the small office.It probably shouldn't matter, but it's just strange. I have this feeling he doesn't like me, but we rarely talk. I definitely never said anything about him except that he looks British. Which doesn't seem insulting to me.Any insights would be helpful. I asked friends. They said they don't know and agree it's strange behavior.

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  • Maybe somebody said you said... even small offices can be political. I have to ask, why did you leave your former company ?

    • Thanks. . . I didn't want to work there anymore. I didn't like the new manager. She was full of it. I didn't care for her opinion.

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