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I need help - car people or mechanics!!!!!

OK I do a lot of my own work on my car. its a 2008 dodge avenger. My brakes have been squealing ever since I bought the car but recently its been... Show More

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  • You need to be more specific about when they are squealing as you first say ever since you first bought the car and then go on to say it doesn't happen when you take the care in. So, without exaggerating, how often do the brakes squeal and in what conditions? (for examples, dry roads vs wet roads / light vs heavy braking / etc)

    • It don't matter about the weather conditions. it was raining hard today and I still heard the squealing right after I took into tuffy. It happens only when I do light breaking. The mechanic said its nothing serious but its just embarassing to have a nice car with a squealing problem. I really don't know when it happens exactly. It doesn't squeal every time when I hit the brake either. I've tried to notice pattern but I cant.

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