Webcam turned on by itself?

So the other day when I was on my computer my webcam light turned on. I thought that was a bit odd since I did not have the web cam program open. I've covered the cam up since, but now I'm freaked out! I have a full antivirus system on my computer, so what is the likely hood that someone hacked into my laptop?

It hasn't happened since, but I have been watching, hopefully it was a one time thing that wasn't related to a hacker. Do you guys know how to disable the microphone because everyone keeps telling me to do that!?


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  • Antivirus software is designed to work against viruses, not hackers, and the Windows standard firewall is a joke. It's always smart to cover the lens of your webcam when it's not in use, if only to protect the lens from dust and spillage.

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      You can only disable an integrated microphone such as the one built-into modern laptops on a software level, by toggling it off from Windows' mixer (if you use Windows).

      Then again, you could take a set of old headphones and plug them into the laptop's microphone jack, as plugging a device there will override the integrated microphone.