Should I be worried about my girlfriend using Facebook applications?

My girlfriend has a Facebook page with applications that she uses all of the time; Flirtable, Meet New People, And Are You Interested? I have no reason to think she is cheating on me, and she says she never has, and never will. But whenever we aren't together, she usually gets on her FB site and uses these applications. I am a "friend" on her site, so I can see her activity wall. I know when she is on there. She has never tried to hide it from me.

Is this just harmless fun? I don't want to make a big deal out of it, if she's just doing it for entertainment, or to make new friends; and I don't want her to think I'm suspicious of her, or don't trust her. She is very sensitive to that.

BTW, she has making friends, and networking as goals on the page. She doesn't say "dating" as a goal.

Help me out here? Is this just harmless fun? Do girls play these things for entertainment? Is it even possible to cheat on Facebook by doing these applications?


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  • Well I have a myspace page with a truth box application and a draw on me one. I have a boyfriend but I don't put the would you date me as one simply because I know he wouldn't like it. I believe in do unto others as you would have done unto you, and I know even if it was just for fun it would secretly bother me a little. But as long as she isn't meeting other people and such I would say it's harmless it's nice to be told you look pretty once in awhile you know? I guess to know you're still desireable by other people besides your mate. I think you should be fine though.

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      Desiring constant reassurance from other guys, when your already with one only goes to show you have; low self esteem, and have no self confidence.

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      I guess the whole confidence thing is a factor, I'm not sure some people like extra attention no matter what you do, I tell my man he hot all the time but he says he doesn't get it and I guess that doesn't make sense all the same I think it's just harmless fun, if not unhealthy.