Is he testing me, or playing some kind of game with me?

I have been talking to this guy for a while. He knows I like him and he told me he likes me too. He has told my best friend many times he is going to ask me out, he just doesn't want it to seem forced (whatever that means). Well everyday he texts e and we talk pretty much all day. And I am very old fashioned, I never text hi first. He always texts me first. Then one time we got on the subject, and I told him about that. And after I told hi that, I told myself "I bet tomorrow he is going to test me." And he did. He didn't text me at all until like 7, then he said "just text me okay." And we talked the rest of that night. Then the day after that he texted me normally. Well then it was new years and we only talked For a little but in the afternoon because he went out with his guy friends. Then after that, I can't figure out what he is doing. Or what kind of game he is playing. Yesterday at like 4 he texted me and said hey. and I texted back and he never answered. So at like 7 I said... Show More