I don't want to be a loser anymore.

I notice a lot of people either ignoring my questions or leaving sarcastic answers. Sometimes I write essays to people and I try to be as helpful as possible, especially with sensitive matters. All I want is some serious advice...

How can I make friends when I have absolutely none (that's right, not one), and start dating girls and being confident/playful/sexual with them when I have no experience? How do I prevent girls from flaking out on me after the 1st or 2nd contact, or thinking "what a loser" as soon as they walk away from me?

If I sound like a weirdo, or desperate, forgive me; I'm not trying to be. If you were to meet me, you'd probably think I'm a normal person, albeit reserved.

Thanks for any serious answers; I'd really appreciate it.

I get it. I help out people and I get nothing, or insulted. Should I just leave this site? I'm seriously considering it...it wouldn't be anybody's loss I suppose.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've gotten some good answers from some good people, and that means a lot to me. I was pretty down in the dumps when I wrote this question, but you probably can't tell that, lol. May this new year be the very best...
...for all of you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you are asking the right question to find the answer you are looking for. A little something I learned from the movie "I, Robot"

    To be taken seriously, I think you have to show that you are serious. When you believe something it comes through in how you present yourself. Your attitude and swagger comes from within.

    Everyone feels comfortable around someone who is comfortable with themselves. So if you are not comfortable already, become familiar with yourself. If you are then I think you should show it more often.

    Take more chances. In the movie "Yes Man", Jim Carey says yes to any activity no matter how strange or dangerous it may have seemed and he learned more about himself and his capabilities. He pushed the limits of what he thought he could handle. =)

    I don't think you can prevent girls from flaking on you. If someone doesn't want to be around you then don't keep that unpleasant company. When someone wants to be around you, then its good company.

    I don't think you're weird or desperate. I think you realized that it time to change and I have total respect for that. I hope I said something that could possibly help. =)