What body part do guys like most on girls and why?

just curious. ;)


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  • If the girl is wearing a skirt or a dress or shorts or something else that shows off their legs, that's usually the first thing I notice, cause I like the look of thick, somewhat muscular thighs on a girl. Like a soccer player.

    But if she's not wearing clothes that show off the legs, I look at the eyes and face first.


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  • I like a woman with nice eyes, a nice pair of slender legs, a firm butt, boobs that are well balanced with her butt.

  • I am a booty man. I like a woman who isn't afraid to eat. I like a little junk in the trunk. After that it's the whole package.

    I also like a woman's face a lot too, teeth, smile, eyes. If a woman does not have a nice face it's usually a deal breaker.

  • Eyes

  • A GAL , the term itself is very beautiful. So can not differentiate between the various parts.

    Now a wonder y gals are trying 2 b very thin. I feel having some flesh would be gr8

    • Yah. I feel that girls with curves go farther in life. heck sometimes I don't even think girls should worry so much bout what they look like. its all about WHO you r.

    • I agree. Thank you for that comment - wish more lads felt that way!

  • Besides the obvious ones? Stomach and eyes

  • I have several parts that I like, but if I had to pick one it would be her legs.

    To me, I love slender, sliky-smooth legs with high-arched feet that can point all the way forward. The kind of legs that I love to caress every day.

    Sonia Ferrer has this kind of legs. You can see what I mean by watching this youtube video.


  • I would have to say their eyes if they aren't wearing a skirt or like short shorts or something that shows off their legs/rear. I think though when a girl has either green or blue eyes, or I've dated someone with one green eye and one blue eye. She was hot. But anyways eyes or legs and they have to have a nice stomach if they are at the beach or something, However I don't think that a muscular 6 pack on a girl is very attractive.

  • I'm gonna have to say the shoulder tendons. JOKING! legs. if they are tanned and thin, then I am very happy. they just look good is why.

  • First the ass its shape and tightness. Then the breasts, their shape and tightness. Large ones are not a turn on for me, but all sizes are good. Then the eyes, if a girl looks me straight in the eyes it's a turn-on for me.

  • BOOBS! We just LOVE it!!


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  • Depends. From personal experiences, guys go for the eyes or the smile and the legs.

  • I've never liked my legs, I'm very muscular and tall, so my legs are quite toned and chunky. but all the boyfriends I've ever had, they've driven them crazy! I get loads of compliments from people especially the men.

    I think sometimes women and men have different ideas on what is attractive.

    • Yup. that's what I think too =)

  • From what a lot of my guy friends tell me




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