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She doesn't have time for a relationship?

I went out with this girl and we had a great time. We went to dinner and a movie, then back to my place where we talked for a while and she grabbed... Show More

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe her knowing where it may lead causes her to worry about jeopardizing her studies and completing it, seems she really wants to focus and get through her studies without a glitch. So if you're really interested in picking up where you started... you can say to her if you're both still interested in picking up where you started when she is done with her studies that you would like that.

What Guys Said 1

  • She either freaked out because maybe she thought you were moving to fast or she might be worried about getting off track with school. Either way, the "I don't have time.." bit.. is BS. Just an excuse. Everyone has this illusion that they are oh so busy. Please, you're only as busy as you make yourself and most of you aren't even half as important as you think.

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