How can I get him to stop playing video games?

My boyfriend doesn't have a job.

He failed his college classes.

He has put out relationship at stake a few times.

How can I show him video games are ruining his life?


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  • Sorry to say this but most of the time the guys have to learn it themselves - It's not really nothing you can "show" him.

    I have never really been the gaming type but I have had my share of friends that are glued to there tv playing that game.

    You can wait it out and hopefully he will grow out of this, or you can put your foot down and give him a choice either you or the games.

    Tell him that he doesn't have to quit the game totally but you would at least like him to make time for you.

    If he can't do that and at least show you the attention and respect that you deserve then maybe you need to find someone else that can show you that .

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      What if he choose the games over me?

      Thats says a lot about me, and whether I am good enough or not.

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      Yea, just lay it out there and show him that really and truly nothing good comes from you play video games just like citizen_snips said -

      If he was to choose the games over you, trust me, it's not because your not good enough. It's just because he is in this little zonbie like state, addicted to playing video games like a crack addict ya know.

      Whether you leave him or not is up to you, but maybe if you did, he would snap out of it and realize what he has lost.