How can you tell if a guy really cares about you?

What are some signs that guys give off to show that they do actually care about a girl and its not all just for sex.


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  • simple things like textin you till you fall asleep sendin you ramdom cute massages for no reason buyin you a pressent as smile as ur fav sweet just case or waitin till you go to pay for something abd then payin for you hugin you and when you pull away pulls you back in just looks at you for no reason when ur not lookin then you ask why and he say just lookin tellin you u look pretty everythime he sees you callin just to hear ur voice having private jokes and not being afraif to laugh about them in public with you

    things like tht :D


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  • He listens to you, actually cares to learn things about you, wants to genuinely spend time with you, etc.


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  • When a guy knows what you love and what you when he orders you food and he knows you hate mustard so he makes sure that no mustard is on it...that's when you know you have winner in my book!