Song lyrics in Facebook status? Ugh....

I just want to know why girls feel the need to post stupid song lyrics in their Facebook status' so much. Most of the lyrics they put in there are... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes it really is harmless but ill be honest with you:

    Sometimes it really is about getting a dig in at the person its directed to. I will post a song lyric, usually a mean one (ha) with the intention that the person its directed at will read it. I know that there is a good chance he will know its about him and its kind of my way of saying "f*** you" without really being confrontational. If he confronts me, I can either make him feel like an asshole and be like "why are you so self centered, its not all about you," or I can just be honest and tell him, hell yeah its about you and then talk about why I'm so p*ssed. I prefer to go with the honesty portion.

    Its a mind game most of the time, its immature, but anger makes you do stupid things.