IF women refuse to date any man who has no money or no goals and no ambition, why can't I call them gold diggers?

If you refuse to date any man because he has no money at all, no ambition and no goals. (keep in mind ambition and goals are nothing if they don't equate to something that ends in money)

If I have ambition and my goal is to make a castle out of toilet paper rolls, would you date me?

I don't think you would.

So that being the case, what's the difference between that, and a gold digger?

What can be appealing about a man with no goals and no money?

Ill tell you.

1. Confidence.

2. Humor.

3. Good looks.

4. Cares for others.

5. Sexual prowess.

Just for starters.

in case you didn't think I knew of more.. here's one more.. 6. social intelligence.


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  • Because a man with no ambition is not only lazy but has no respect for himself or where he will be in ten years? I even steer clear of females friends who are lazy with no goals because people like that can drag you down. What could possibly be appealing about a man who is going nowhere? Even if a dude is getting an English degree to be a substitute teacher and will be broke for the rest of his life at least he is moving forward and has ambition. It doesn't make a woman a gold digger if she's attracted to men who care about their futures, it makes her smart! If he doesn't give a damn about himself how in the world is he going to give a damn about someone else? My most recent ex was a bussboy in a restaurant living with five other guys while putting himself through college. And I found him sexy as hell! Having no goals or ambition is NOT the same as having no MONEY. I will date a man with no money given he's doing something with his life. But if he's a lazy sack of sh*t? Keep walkin cause he'll get no respect from me.

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      Yes I agree its not the same thing, but there is a huge difference between doing something with his life that makes money and doing something with his life that doesnt.

      If his future or his goals makes no money and therefore he has no monetary future, it might as well be the same thing because the end result is the same.

      A woman will date a starving artist only if he has enough money to not be a bum.

      If he never sells a single painting? I doubt she's going to find that attractive.

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      "I am completely open to change! (except when it comes to me wanting a man with ambition.) THATS Where I draw the line.. but don't pay any attention to that."

      Yes. that's me mocking you.

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      Oh and you'll be back and look at this. And if you don't post, all it will mean is that you don't have a comeback.

      It could mean that you were too busy... but then you wouldn't have looked in the first place now would you...

      You really don't have the 5 seconds it takes to type something? especially after you've already been looking at it?

      Which you will come back to look. I guarantee it.