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Algebra HOMEWORK HELP?! Please & thanks.

Thanks! If you answer these correctly I will love you forever. 1. If the slope of a straight line is -5 and if X (the variable on the horizontal... Show More

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  • 1-) c

    Because, a slope of "-5" means y = -5x (plus a constant, but that is irrelevant right now).

    Insert "10" to the position of x. What do you get?

    y = -5(10)

    y = -50

    Decreases by 50.

    2-) c (this time you insert the variable to y, but everything else is same)

    3-) d (same tactic)

    4-) e

    Basically, y increases by 4850 - 1730 = 3120 when x increases by 500 - 100 = 400.

    If y increases by 3080 and x increases by 400, then the slope of the line is 3120 / 400 = 7.8

    Meaning that the equation should look like this:

    Y = 7.8C + k (k is your y-intercept - the point where the line intersects with the vertical axis - and that is not given in the question so I can't tell you what k is, but we might not need it at all.)

    None of the answers have the "7.8C" expression, so the correct answer must be "e - none of the above".

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  • c,c,c,e

  • Assuming the first three questions want the new line to have the same slope as the original line:

    1) the slope intercept form or formula is y= mx+b. Remember slope is rise over run. Assuming the line starts at the origin (0,0), y= -5*10+0; y= -50. m is the slope; x is the x-axis movement and y is the y-axis movement; b is the starting point for the line, normally anywhere on the y-axis.

    2) Do the same thing in number 1.

    3) Do the same thing in number 2.

    4) y=mx+b; (y2-y1) / ( x2-x1)

    If you need more help, please ask.

  • 1 d

    2 a

    3 c

    4 e

    detailed explanation to follow

    • Wait, 1 is c I looked at the answers wrong

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    • 4. first of all before you even crunch numbers you can knock out two of the answers. It consumption in terms of income, so C= something y

      b and d are in terms of income so they aren't right. so it is either a,c or e.

      we will look at a first, a says that for every one Y there is .78 C or for every dollar in income, 78 cents is consumed, you don't need to look hard at the numbers provided to see that isn't right, the first point is $100 consumption for every $1730 in income. 100/1730 isn't 0.78

    • 4 cont.

      so it is either c or e

      C has you add 950 to .975Y, which means that for every dollar in income, 97.5 cents goes to consumption, plus another 950 on top of it. Once again that doesn't match up with the first set of numbers that gives us $100 dollars consumption, when income is $1730

      Since two of the answers aren't even in terms of consumption and the other two give consumption equations don't give us the points on the line, none of them define the line. The answer must be e.

  • Well, I wish you and your sisters would stop blowing me off for tutoring. Maybe you'd get these right if the 3 of you came. Haha I said blowing and came.

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