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Why do I receive a bogus email from friend that didn't send it?

I received a email with the heading "why are you doing this" and inside it was a linik from google telling me to go to a website to make money from... Show More

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  • Do not click on the link-It's definitely a virus! I work in the Financial Industry, I see way too many people fall for this and then have Fraudulent activities on their Credit Card. Delete the email straight away and never click on links through emails that you have doubts about.

    • I would also look at reformatting, not all anti-viruses pick up all viruses and get rid of them.

    • Thanks- Can you tell me why it says it is from a certain friend? How is the company able to send it via one of my friend's email address?

    • No problem, It's because your friend probably has a virus on their Computer, that's how it starts, then what happens automatically sends a bogus email to all that persons contacts, then if you click the link it will send it to all your contacts. Then a trend starts and it spreads, make sense? Your friend musy have clicked on the link. Just let your friend know, so they can also reformat or run a viris scan.

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