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My boyfriend doesn't reply to me? why?

he doesn't reply to me on fb when I write him a message or write on his wall. I feel a little silly for asking this because we are both in our 20's... Show More

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  • you should ask him if he has access to FB outside of his home?

    • He doesnt, he has a phone with internet but its not as easily set up like the iphone app, and he has to pay for internet usage on his phone.

      may I ask why you asked this? :)

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    • Couldnt agree more, I think you're over analyzing the situation here...what makes you think he's on FB every single day... a lot of people just use it every now and then...i don't think he's str8 up disrespecting you, maybe he just doesn't use fb that often?

    • It prob comes across that way, he does go on fb everyday tho he tells me and he says he read them but does not elaborate further than that

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  • It's the 21st century and social networking is another important medium of interaction. But I'm not on FB so I don't care as much. xkcd.com/817

  • Probably because you're annoying the hell out of him. I'd ignore you too.

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