I slept with him, now what...?

I hung out with this guy a few times and then we decided to have sex one night. Everything was perfect and it wasn't just a hook up. It was wonderful. He wanted me to stay the night with him afterward, so I did.. at first. For some reason, I got really nervous and left in the middle of the night.... Show More

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  • i think you slept with him too soon without figuring him out nuff first. sounds like he just a jerk that looking for p**** . next time spend some good time to figure out a guy's intergrity first that way you won't have to feel regret you slept with a jerk. it may be hard to figure guys out, that why you should spend time to figure this stuff out. communicate with him, see if he values honor or is just dishonorable.

    i mean you never know, some pretenders out there, but liar tends to slip up more the more time they spend with you. no gurantees, but still after getting to know him better, your chance of getting a good guy are better I think.

    • Thanks, I think you're right.

      Any idea why he'd randomly come up to me and hug me though?

      That's the part that gets me..