What if my Ex didn't call for two weeks after the break up is there still hope or should I move on?

We just broke up yesterday and everyone tells me to wait for a couple of weeks and he will call, but what if I waited and he didn't call should I gave up on him or should I send him a message asking about him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know this sounds hard, but you really should go about your merry way because it's safe to say that he is. Guys are just not deep, analytical thinkers like girls when it comes to dating and relationships. Your guy probably thinks about you, but he's going about his life and you should too. But as for phone calls, let him call you first even if it takes 2-3 weeks. If you call first and especially too soon, you will probably come across as needy, clingy, and desperate. Guys like it when a girl stands on her own two feet and carries on as if their world doesn't revolve around them. It makes a guy want to give that kind of girl a second glance. Again, give him time to make the phone call first and if you make the decision to call him, wait a few weeks! Right now your emotions are raw so it's good to step back for a while and let the dust settle so to speak. But you need to be prepared for the possibility that if he doesn't call after about a month, it means he's moved on. But I do wish you happiness. Good luck!