Why do men like bj's so much?

Stupid question, I'm sure.So why do men (not all) have such an obsession with getting bj's? What is it that drives them crazy?


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  • Well first off, its hard to imagine just how good it feels. Secondly it is really erotic to have it just done to you, I mean just having your girl make you cum, just doing it for you. And it is so sexy to watch you as you do it.

    • Good luck!

    • No apologies, not cruel at all. I guess I have a very important and difficult choice to make. He is flying me out to his hometown for a week and I'm concerned he may have just paid for a plane ticket, but really in his own mind, is paying for a "whore" for the week. We are in a LDR, have been for some time, so it is difficult to pick up on his cues and reactions to such topics, without being in the same room. Out of the heart the mouth speaks.... I think I just answered my own question.

    • Well it is hard to tell without knowing someone, but it sounds pretty self absorbed to me. Sex should be a sharing of pleasure and he should want you to be pleasured as much as he is. If all he ever wants is a blow job, then what he is doing is masterbating with your mouth. Guys that don't have a sex partner will jerk off all the time. If all he sees you as is a way to jerk off without having to strain his arm then it "means" he is using you. No intent to be cruel here.

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  • They are getting their penis sucked, tongued, and salivad (new word), which is something that doesn't happen anywhere else on a girls body. It's special because for many guys it isn't common. It's all about what guys get more of, if a girl never gave a guy sex but always gave BJs, then the guy would crave sex.

    • Haha, the latter works better

    • Salivad?? or saliva'd? ;-)

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