Why is it that men in America have become so lazy?

Not all men, but a lot,not to mention some men are becoming more sensitive.is something in the water?

So all you men who commented out of anger, what do you think women in america have become?
When I say "sensitivity", I mean you gys take everything so damn personal...not like "i'm so sensitive be casue I care about your feelings, and I wanna write you a poem becasue I wanna show my feelings outright like a pussy".


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  • Flouride! we're all gonna die!

    oh, and Dihydrogen Monoxide! We're all gonna die harder and get even lazier before we do!

    okay, in all seriousness:

    I don't think modern/current culture places enough/much emphasis on the value of hard work and perseverance. Instead, we are encouraged to get away with doing as little as possible, and play Xbox and Wii with our free time. Okay, so that was a bit stereotypical, but I do think that there is not enough emphasis on what it really means to work, and work well; instead we are just inundated with entertainment and other things that encourage us to be idle. Not that there is anything wrong with entertainment in itself, not at all. But it seems now, very few people look down on our doing as little as possible, or being lazy in today's society, unlike in past generations, where, though there were still definitely lazy men, most were taught the importance of working hard, and making a reputation/image for yourself, one that you can be proud of.

    Don't get me wrong, there are still some seriously hard-working guys out there, and props to them. But laziness doesn't have quite the societal/social stigma it used to, I don't think.

    And I'm not saying I'm not lazy either. That's something I struggle with sometimes, but I'm working on it. You can appreciate yourself and your work so much more when you work hard at it.

    As for sensitivity, I think that's another cultural shift, one that is not [necessarily] a bad thing. With the influx of mass media and the rise of creative businesses, I think men are encouraged to be (or at least not looked down on for being) more of a sensitive, artistic, poetic type. (You might be interested in looking at Jung's Four Archetypes of a Man, something, at least, I found to be very interesting. ( link about a third the way down the page.) I suppose this would contrast to more traditional and/or stereotypical careers and roles of men that involved less creativity and sensitivity and more use of math, science, and their own physical labor. (Just a very broad, perhaps stereotypical view, though.)

    Well, I hope that offered some insight, and if not, at least an opinion worth reading.

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  • I'm confused...haven't Americans always been lazy?

  • idk, I don't drink water.

  • I don't think that they've become lazy its just that they don't have a good enough motivation for them to be successful. A lot of men these days are sensitive because women have become bitchy. Back in the day it wasn't like that. Women have become superficial and judge men harshly because they expect us to live up to women's absurd expectations which has made a lot of men sensitive to criticism. And because of all the harsh comments many men lack the motivation to become better. They think its too hard to please a woman and they become bitter and very emotional.

    • Don't you think that we got "bitchy" because we started to see that some men started having "less motivation" ?

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    • "Some women"? No. A huge portion have been like that since the 90's. Why did you put a smiley face at the end? Is it because you're happy with how we are now?

    • I'm saying that our change is somewhat reflected on the male society. It's all linked.

  • No, it's something in the society.

  • We think we're done for, so why bother doing anything extra.

    It's only a matter of time before scientists figure out a way to fertilize an egg,

    with full qty chromosome cell, from the same female to produce a female baby.

    Men won't be required anymore, except as sex slaves to the ever growing female population.

    Wait a minute, I like that part of it.

    • Except they're gonna learn how to preserve seamen... then they'll just take a needle to your nutsack and extract it the easiest way possible for them.

    • They've been doing that for 50 years. They don't want us in the equation anymore.

      All women governments will take over U.S. and eventually the world.

      They will take away our right to vote. We will gradually die off.

      Only queens will be left and some guy sex slave drones, to remind them what good sex was really like.

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  • Laziness is an individuals quality,although laziness is overall an American concept,hence why our education is far beyond.People in America are too lazy to endure what the average Indian or Chinese student endures.9 hrs of school + studying + extra curricular activities + morals.Hence why so many Americans and illegals are on government assistance like CHIPS,Medicaid,welfare.Too lazy to come here legally,too legal to get their asses up and actually look for a job,too lazy to get an education,too lazy to take some birth control or put on a condom and stop having children.

    Laziness is part of American culture,although I can see what you're saying.

    I do however,think that the laziness in which you speak of is more of a "guys on this site" thing.They are inexperienced,virgins,bitter,heading into misogyny & take it out on females.And then try to justify their mentalities.

    • Not sure about that last part, but I agree with laziness in American culture in comparison to other places in the world. +1

  • im in the water.

    • Well, did you pee estrogens in there? Your making U.S. guys more feminine and sensitive.

      Remind me never to drink the water in California.

    • im sorry. lol pee estrogens

  • Do you mean more insensitive? I don't see how being sensitive/insensitive would constitute being lazy? I think that most people in general are lazy. Doesn't apply specifically to just men. The guy I'm dating right now is very ambitious and anything but lazy, going to school full-time and working two jobs.